Chip Witt

  by Chip Witt , Redwood Region President
  (February 2019)

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays and time spent with family and friends were enjoyable, and that you have entered 2019 with plenty of fuel in your tank.

I am honored to be the 29th President of the Redwood Region in its 50th year. With all that history, a sense of tradition, and our shared love for the finest marque in the world, I look forward to seeing all that the club can accomplish together this year and beyond.

One rightfully expects a President coming into the office will have some measure of vision regarding what they hope to accomplish during their time in the role, so I should probably share a bit of mine. The focus of my current thinking includes:

  • Ensuring a future for our autocross program. As most of you know, in 2018 our program lost access to a site we have had the privilege of using for decades. Efforts continue to secure a site (or sites) to piece a 2019 season together and to organize a longer-term plan for the future.
  • Bolstering our programs for charitable donation and community involvement. As a club, we have continued a long tradition of charitable donations in support various causes, including CASA and regional fire relief. While monetary donation will always be part of our program, sometimes writing a check is the easy part. Finding ways to be more directly involved with the community in charitable ways as a club is an ambitious but worthy goal. Our Holiday Party gift drive for foster youth through Alternative Family Services is a great example that gifts of time, thoughtfulness and care are more personal, and are sometimes needed more than money alone.
  • Making sure we ALL continue to have fun! We have had some really fun events over the years but, as times change, so too do the people involved and their interests in specific activities. It will be important for us to find a balance between planning classic outings we’ve all come to enjoy and coming up with innovative and more inclusive ideas that can create new traditions.

None of these initiatives can take root in a vacuum. While the Board of Directors will certainly lead much of they way, it truly takes a village to guarantee success. If you have input you would like to contribute on any of these topics, or have other focus areas you’d like to share, I am always happy to hear from you or join you for a conversation over coffee. Shoot me an email anytime.

2019 already looks like it will be an amazing year for Redwood events. Our “One One Fun Run” on January 1st was a tremendous success thanks to Mike Hinton and all the folks that eagerly roused themselves out of bed to drive 87 miles on some of the best roads Northern California has to offer. I’m still a little full from our tour-ending lunch at Hamburger Ranch & BBQ in Cloverdale, so it was certainly a good time. Other things on the calendar for our first quarter include:

  • January 26 - Tech Session at Autobahn Automotive in Santa Rosa
  • February 2 - Tour to see the San Jose Sharks play the Phoenix Coyotes
  • February 23 - Redwood Region Annual Crab Feed and Tour at Marin Yacht Club
  • March 2 - Hoppy Porsche Brewery Tour at Brewsters Beer Garden in Petaluma
  • March 16 - Whale to Whale Tail Rallye

As you put Redwood events on your calendar, please also keep in-mind we have Board Meetings at the Mary’s Pizza Shack on San Marin Drive in Novato every last Tuesday of the month from 7 to 9 p.m. For the first quarter, those dates are listed above. All are welcome; food is on the club but you cover your own beverages.

Here’s to a tremendous 2019!

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