Greg Maissen  by Greg Maissen, Redwood Region President (August 2011)

I just got back from Kachina Vineyards, host of Redwood Region's annual Artisan Wine Tour. Once again, Redwood Region members Greg and Nancy Chambers put on a spectacular event. If you were not fortunate enough to have attended the event, I can tell you that not only did you miss out on some excellent wine produced by Kachina Vineyards, along with a wonderfully catered lunch, you also missed out on a great day of relaxing and enjoying the company of other Redwood Region members.

As I casually walked around Kachina's grounds admiring the landscape, I was drawn back to where we parked our cars. There was, of course, a great selection of Porsche's finest, but today one car in particular was standing out: a 2004 996 GT3 that belongs to our Newsletter Editor, Chris Harrell. As many of you know, I am infatuated with GT3's. The raw performance, the look, and, of course, the sound are the things that (to me) give a car its soul.

Chris mentioned that he has recently done some modifications to the exhaust and, of course, I was very eager to experience the results. Fortunately for me, a few of us on the Board were headed off to Seghesio Winery after Kachina, to do a wine and food pairing in preparation for this year's Holiday Party. As we headed out, I was behind Chris and his wife Veronica in the GT3, and as soon as Chris pulled onto the main road I was immediately rewarded with the awesome sounds only a GT3 can produce. The modification Chris has done gives the car a very raw and distinctive howl.

After the pairing, a few of us decided to take the long way home and cut across the Alexander Valley form Healdsburg to Calistoga. The scenery along with the sounds of our cars winding through the hillsides immediately reminded me why I joined the PCA. Getting together with great people and enjoying our passion for Porsches together is what it is all about!

If you have not come out and participated in our Club's many events this year, you are missing out on some great fun. Summer is (as I hate to admit) halfway over, but we still have quite a few events on the calendar.

In addition to Club events, I have been enjoying one of the many Porsche-related iPhone apps. The Porsche AG Newscast gives you all of the latest news from Porsche, and one of my favorite features is that it links you to YouTube videos that are not only very informative but also show some great footage of current and historical Porsches and drivers.

Of course, my current favorite video is of the GT3 RS 4.0. I tell myself that if I stop spending money on silly things like food and rent, I will someday be able to buy one. I won't have anywhere to park it and I will only weigh 90 lbs. (which will be great for saving weight in the car), but just being able to listen to the exhaust sound will be worth it.
Okay, that's it for me for now. I encourage you to visit our Redwood Region website for details about upcoming events. You can also use your iPhone's PCA app. and/or visit our Redwood Region Facebook page for up-to-date information.

I will see you at the next event.