Greg Maissen  by Greg Maissen, Redwood Region President (July 2011)

Today I stopped in at Hi Tec Automotive to have Dana Wailes dial-in the air/ fuel mixture in my 928. I had earlier asked Deven if it was okay if I hung around while this was going on, as I am always tweaking the car to get that last bit of performance out of it. "Uh, sure" was his reply, so I spent the next hour watching (which is strange for me to do) Dana get the settings just right.

Now you may think that this is a bit strange, but while I was there I was actually thinking more about how lucky we are in the Redwood Region to have both great mechanical support and participation in the Club from Hi Tec. When I went into the office to give Brad d'Alessio my credit card to "settle up", it hit home. Not only does Hi Tec provide great service, they are also now sponsoring Redwood Region's autocrosses. Add to this that Brad and Dana have been coming out and autocrossing with us and that means that not only are we supported by a great shop, they are also members just like you and me.

This also brought to mind other members whom have recently begun to participate in Board positions and Committee positions. Don Magdanz has been working on helping to better organize our Breakfast Runs now that Bob Hall has decided to step back for a while. After helping with these runs, Don has decided to step into the Social Director position and has already been working hard to organize this year's Holiday Party. Judging by Don's report from the last Board Meeting, we are going to have a fantastic time. Redwood Region members Mike Hinton and Greg Matsumoto have volunteered to be on the Nominating Committee for this year's Election of 2012 Redwood Region Officers, chaired by past President Kurt Fischer. Mike and Craig Steele have also joined our Region Financial Review Committee

You can see that this region has outstanding member support! It is always the sign of a very healthy club when members are constantly stepping-up to fill Board positions or Committee positions, or initiate a Tour or other Club event. Next time you are at an event, think to yourself that you can also be filling a future position, or if you have an idea for a Tour, please let one of the Board Members know. This is how the Club comes to life.

I encourage you to visit our Redwood Region website for details about upcoming events. You can also use your iPhone's PCA app. and/or visit our Redwood Region Facebook page for up-to-date information.

I'll see you at the next event.


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