Greg Maissen  by Greg Maissen, Redwood Region President (June 2011)

As many of you know, I am always doing some sort of upgrade to my 1985 928. Most recently, I completely removed the front suspension and replaced it with a 1987 front suspension. This swap got me better handling along with Brembo 4-piston calipers and bigger rotors for I am stopping right now performance.

Now having grown up in Mill Valley, where I lived ½-mile from the Mountain Home Inn (this is also where I learned how to drive a car), I have the utmost respect for good handling and great brakes. So it is only natural that after I do any type of work like this, I "test drive" the car on Highway 1.

After doing a few shakedown runs to bed in the brakes and inspect for any leaks or loose fittings, I follow Highway 101 south to Mill Valley and join Highway 1 to give the 928 a true test run. The road headed from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach is very tight, and as a kid we could always tell who were the tourists by the smell of overheated brakes from the white-knuckle drivers. I also enjoy this stretch of highway because it is similar to autocrossing: tight turns and sharp, quick braking points.

The next section is from Stinson Beach up the coast to Point Reyes. This section is mixed with some tight turns along with nice sweeping exits. Oh, and the speed limit is 55 mph, somewhat similar to a Driver's Education. The car handles and brakes fantastically, and I am reminded of when I was in my teens living up on "The Mountain". My Parents had a 1971 911 T and there were many times that I would sneak it out and "test-drive" it. I was really test-driving myself as I would push it a little further to see what it could do; in reality I was seeing just how far I could go as a young driver. The first time the rear end came around on me, I knew my eyes were bigger than saucer plates, but after that experience I just had to go back and master my technique. Fortunately, as determined as I was, I never wrecked the car and my parents never did find out.  
As I am finishing up the drive in the 928, I am suddenly reminded of the 2011 PCA Members-only Raffle: the winner receives a Porsche Factory-restored 1973 911 T (plus $10K cash). To win this car would be a dream down memory lane come true. I have the flyer sitting on my computer desk at home and as determined as I was in my youth to master my technique in the '71 911 T, I am just as determined to enter the drawing and win. I encourage you also to enter the Raffle, not just because it will help PCA but because if for some strange, unforeseeable reason I do not win, I will be sneaking the 911 T out of your garage to give it the Highway 1 test drive.

OK, what do we have for the month of June?

If going down memory lane is of interest to you, there is the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival this upcoming weekend, June 4-5, at nearby Infineon Raceway. Also on Sunday, June 5, is Loma Prieta Region's Zone 7 Swap Meet and Concours.

June 11 is our Porsche-Only Autocross. We have had quite a few requests for this and as you will see further down with Anita's wonderful write-up on autocrossing, if you have always wanted to autocross, come on out! We have loaner helmets and excellent instructors available.

The Sunday after our Autocross, June 12, is Sacramento Valley Region's Zone 7 Concours.

If an overnight tour is to your liking, there is the Benbow Inn Tour June 18-19 (please RSVP and reserve a room by June 4).

Another highly-anticipated Breakfast Run out to Dillon Beach is on June 25.

Visit our website for all of the details and contact information for each of these events. You can also use your iPhone's PCA app. and/or visit our Redwood Region Facebook page for up-to-date information.

I'll see you at the next event.


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