Last month I attended the Zone Seven Presidents' Meeting, hosted by our Zone Seven Representative, Sharon Neidel. In attendance were Porsche Club of America President Manny Alban and our Zone Seven Region Presidents.

It was a very productive and informative meeting that provided us with current information from National, along with long-range projections that I cannot divulge here. Rest assured, you will be very pleasantly surprised when the time comes. 

The meeting was also an opportunity for each of the Zone Seven Presidents to share what their Region is doing and how we can be more interactive with each other since we are a large Zone. I must say that we are very fortunate to live in an area where we have excellent support for our Porsche passions, and all you have to do to is go to any of the Regions' websites to find an event that interests you. 

If you have never ventured out to another Region's event, I highly recommend doing so, as it will give you another good reason to get in your Porsche and meet some great people. We see this often here in the Redwood Region, as we get many PCA members from other Regions having a great time with us at our events. 

And speaking of participating in another Region's event, here is a easy one: Sacramento Valley Region will be hosting the May Zone 7 Autocross at Infineon Raceway on May 28. 

Also, look for the Marin Sonoma Concours at the San Rafael Civic Center on May 14 and 15. 

The Redwood Region Hole in the Wall Gang Tour, hosted by Bob Schoenherr and Glen Marks, is May 21. 

The Sonoma Historics Motorsports Festival is June 4 and 5. We will have a Porsche-only car corral and you must purchase a corral pass along with your admission ticket in advance from Infineon Raceway in order to park in the corral. If you do not have a corral pass, the Infineon officials will not allow you to park in the corral. Please see the flyer in this issue for details. 

The June 11 Autocross will be Porsche-only. We have had several members request this, so bring your Porsche and rub tires with our own kind! 

Go to our website for up-to-the-minute information and log onto the PCA National website as well to see what's going on outside of our zone. Also check out our Facebook page and hit your PCA iPhone app to keep current. 

That's it for now.


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Greg Maissen  by Greg Maissen, Redwood Region President (May 2011)