Vern Rogers     by Vern Rogers, 2012 Redwood Region President (April 2012)

The day after I write this, Saturday, 4/7, about 40 of us will be heading South through the Santa Cruz mountains to Canepa Design ( in Scotts Valley. This tour represents a couple of rare (so far at least) opportunities for the Club.

First, we will be gathering, prior to the actual drive, at Sonnen Porsche in Mill Valley. One of my goals as President this year is to improve relations with our local Porsche Dealer. Sonnen will be providing coffee and pastries this Saturday, as well as clearing an area for us to park. I would certainly like to express my appreciation for their growing support of the Redwood Region. I specifically would like to thank Sonnen Service Manager Andrew Ratto for his continuing assistance in getting the dealership to interact in positive ways with the Club.

Second, the tour was set up by PCA's Yosemite Region, and they invited all of us to join them. Big thanks to Chris Harrell for seeing this opportunity and jumping on it!

We often have a few members from other regions join our tours and/or autocrosses, but this is the first time (recently) that we are doing an actual joint event. It will be a great chance to get to know a larger number of folks from another region. Each region is taking a different route to Scotts Valley, but we will meet up at Canepa Design.

I will be driving the '83 SC Coupe that I ran at last month's autocross on the Canepa tour. This will be my first 'long range' trip with the car. It continues to become more responsive and agile as the weight comes off. Last weekend I removed the door pockets and arm rests, and will soon be doing more 'quasi RS-Style' changes to my original door panels. I love this car!

Looking ahead in the calendar, you will see that our Region's second autocross of the year is only a couple of weeks away...Saturday, April 14. The change this year to all Redwood autocrosses being Porsche/PCA-only must have motivated our membership. Our first 2012 autocross on March 10 had a great showing (49 participants), all having an excellent time and plenty of runs. This month's course will be designed by Tom Strobel, last year's Autocross Chair.  Those of you that came out in 2011 will remember the fun/fast courses Tom created. This one is sure to be more of the same.

Also, please take a look at Tom Markovich's letter, further down in this month's dR, regarding his pleasant experience at our autocross after having scared himself at a DE event. Autocross continues to be a great way to learn how to really drive your incredible machine in a safe and fun environment. Thanks for the letter, Tom, and we hope to see you back on the 14th.

Lastly, in Dave Bunch's article below on the Zone 7 Awards, you will see that our very own Bob Schoenherr and Anita Benzing won the 'Co-Enthusiasts of the Year', among other trophies. Way to go, Bob and Anita! You two are a great example of a couple sharing their enthusiasm for and with the Club. Those of you having trouble getting your spouses to come to events, please share this article with them.

That's all for now, except to say that I love to see new members come out to events. Please don't be shy. We love to share the fun, the cars, and the camaraderie. Please do continue to come out and play with us. 

Down the road,


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