Vern Rogers     by Vern Rogers, 2012 Redwood Region President (December 2012)

Parties, endings, beginnings, and thank-you's throughout

Last Saturday, 70+ Redwood Region members braved the weather and showed up for our Annual Holiday Party, this year at Nourish at Harbor Point in Mill Valley. All attendees were rewarded with great food, beverages, music, and, of course, great company. Thanks to all who attended; it was a BLAST! Thanks also to our sponsors who provided door prizes: Hi Tec Automotive, Cars Dawydiak, and Allstate Insurance. Please see Mark and Joan Campagna's article for further details about the party.

This edition of dR will be the last in the foreseeable future that will be put together by Chris Harrell. Those of you who have read the Region newsletter over the last couple of years will realize what a positive impact Chris has had on this publication. 

As you know, Chris has moved (mostly) to Southern California to assist his company and pursue additional opportunities with them. Not only did he captain the newsletter, but he tirelessly took on all Vice Presidential duties this year, as well as planning and/or running several Club events. I cannot tell you all how valuable a support Chris has been to me as President. He has consistently been available, even with his crazy schedule, to be my sounding board and my friend. 

Please join me in enthusiastic clapping and praise for all of his efforts with our Region over the past two years. Chris, you will be missed, and we all hope to see you back in the Redwood Region at some time in the future. Given that PCA Escape will be in Southern CA next year, we will all have an opportunity to reconnect with you then. I hope many of us are able to do just that. 

On another note, the slate of officers nominated this year actually were elected (big surprise...), and will be serving you, the members of the Redwood Region, in 2013:  

Myself as President, Mike Hinton as Vice President, Craig Steele as Secretary, and Jerry Gladstone as Treasurer. Big thanks in advance to my fellow officers for next year. I greatly appreciate your willingness to give of yourselves and your time. Please pass my thanks on to your spouses as well. I know this is not a solo contribution. 

Regarding next year, our calendar planning meeting went extremely well, and we already have most of the year scheduled.  Our events will start on New Year's Day with the now-annual "One One Fun Run". We are planning a Brunch Run or Tech Session for Saturday, 1/19 as well. Autocrosses will continue each month from March through October.  

Two events that I am really excited about are: 

A three day Mille-style tour called "It's All About the Roads" that Steve and Cherryl Glenn are putting together for us. This event will be in June, and will feature some of the best roads Northern California has to offer. Steve and Cherryl have had years of planning tours and car events with several clubs. We are very lucky to have them contribute their expertise to our club. 

A party in August that will be hosted by Charlie and Antoinette Alegria at their beautiful home on the banks of the Napa River. Those of you who were fortunate enough to have attended the last one of these will be sure to return. 

Next year will also find many favorites back on the calendar: Porsches on the Plaza, Oktoberfest, Whale to Whale Tail Rally, a tech session or two, plenty of breakfast/brunch/dinner runs, and several wine tours. Our trend from this year of scheduling some events on Sundays will continue.  

Lastly, we will be doing our Second Annual Region Swap Meet in conjunction with TRG, and will publish that date as soon as it has firmed up.  

We hope to have the first three months of 2013 posted on the website soon.   

That's all for now.  Down the road, 


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