Vern Rogers     by Vern Rogers, 2012 Redwood Region President (February 2012)

 Well, now we're into the second month of the year. 2012 has certainly been accelerating for me. That seems somehow appropriate for leading a Porsche Club. Aside from work, which has been in that mode for a while now (I work for UCSF Medical Center implementing a new Electronic Health Record), the Porsche side of life has taken some speedy turns lately.

As some of you know, my '05 997 came down with a bad case of cooling system disease at our Zone 7 Autocross last year. It was spraying coolant all over itself after each run. This started happening on day one of the two-day event. Dana Wailes from Hi Tec entered his car for both days. At the end of the first day, he left me with his car so that he could take mine down to the shop in San Rafael. This was to see if the problem still occurred after ensuring that there were no air bubbles in the system. Although air bubbles turned out not to be the cause, I want to acknowledge Hi Tec, and Dana in particular, for going above and beyond your average Porsche shop.

Following the end of day 2, I took my car back to Hi Tec for further diagnosis, and after an exhaustive multi-week analysis, they advised me that the problem causing high pressure in the system would require an engine replacement.

I did buy the car used as a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle. Unfortunately, the warranty expired a year ago. Still, this was actually the second engine in the car (story for another time), and had less than 40K miles on it.

So, being a guy who believes in the idea of Porsche products being of extremely high quality, I took the car to Sonnen Porsche and had them do additional analysis. This ended with the dealership (big thank you to Danny, Gary, and Andrew) building a case to convince Porsche (PCNA) to cover the cost of a replacement engine. I am sure you can guess from the tone of this article that Porsche did just that. Quality cars, quality people.

Given that I will soon have a new engine in my Carrera, and want to break it in slowly and carefully, I am about to bring another vehicle into my family: an '83 911SC. This will be my Autocross car of choice for this year.

Speaking about Autocross, I'd like to take a second to remind all of you that this year each and every Redwood Region Autocross will be Porsche/PCA only. Those of you who were tired of long waits between runs, or of having to share our fantastic course with other makes of vehicles, should absolutely come out this year. We did several of these 'single make' events last year, and those of you who attended know they were not only a bunch of fun, but had lots of seat time for all. Remember, if you are a PCA member and want to bring out a non-Porsche, we will make an exception just for you.

Please come out and Autocross with the Club this year. I am speaking not only to those of you who were reluctant to bring your beautiful cars out to mix with those of lesser beauty, but also to those who have yet to experience the thrills and joys of driving your car as fast as you can in a safe, controlled, legal environment. I am really looking forward to seeing some new faces and, of course, all the familiar ones as well.


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