Vern Rogers     by Vern Rogers, 2012 Redwood Region President (January 2012)

Here we are at the beginning of a new year, with a shift in roles on the Board and a calendar filling with activities. Please take a look at the upcoming events below in our Calendar section to get a preview of our first few months.


I would like to start this year in a spirit of thanks and acknowledgement. The contributions of all Board and Committee members are an intgegral part of the Region's success, and at this time I want to give special recognition to the efforts of a few of these individuals:


Greg Maissen, our most recent Past President - Greg unexpectedly inherited the Presidency over a year and a half ago, stepping into a big job well ahead of the time it would have naturally occurred. Greg took on the task with gusto and determination. He has left us with the legacy of competent, talented, committed Board members. Thank you, Greg!


David Bunch, Autocross Director - This man has done it all, and holds an unshakable commitment to the Region and PCA in general. David is a Past President, most recently held the position of Secretary, has managed the Goodie Store for years, is a past Autocross Director, and is back at that job this year. We are so lucky to have you, David. Thank you!


Kurt Fischer, last year's Past President - Kurt's friendly, welcoming manner piqued my initial interest in the Club, and made me want to get more involved. I am very happy to have his continued support and involvement in events for 2012.  Some of you may have noticed the way that I have tried to make contact with each and every one of you that attend our events. This 'working the room' philosophy comes from Kurt's tutelage. Thank you, Kurt, for continuing to bring your efforts and energy to our Region!


I also want to welcome our new Board Members, and those now filling new positions:


Chris Harrell - Our new VP and continuing Newsletter Director. 


Mike Hinton - Our new Secretary. Mike will also be continuing his standing column in der Riesenbaum, The Midfield Report.


Simone Kopitzki - Our new Sponsorship (formerly Advertising) Director. Simone is gathering a small committee around her to finalize this year's relationships between our Club and its sponsors.


Thanks and welcome to you all!


This year sees us once again with an opportunity to attend PCA's biggest national event, the Porsche Parade. The 2012 Parade will be held in Salt Lake City, and many on the Board and in the Membership are planning to attend. If you, like me, have yet to attend a Parade event, please know that we will not only be planning a caravan of Redwood Region members, but also a workshop on 'How to do Parade'. I have found in my two trips to Escape that knowing what to expect, and planning what/how much to attend, can make the experience much more enjoyable. Please contact me at if you have an interest in attending this year's Parade.


Let me end with a few words to carry into the year: fun, camaraderie, great people, great cars. I am looking forward to seeing and talking to each and every one of you this year.  This club is its people.




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