Vern Rogers     by Vern Rogers, 2012 Redwood Region President (September 2012)

You can please all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time....

Many of those who attended last weekend's Pool Party at the Bergmans' house got a little taste of the direction we, as a Region, are heading in terms of event registration.

We are currently "piloting" the use of (MSR) as a means of handling RSVP's and prepayment for events. This type of platform allows us to have a single, repeatable means of:

  • Handling event costs ahead of the event.
  • Tracking who is planning to attend an event.
  • Allowing members to see which other members are planning to attend.
  • Providing a clear count to the venue so that they can plan for staffing and food.
  • Lessening the upfront work of our volunteers to track moneys and people.

I am aware that some of you are a bit uncomfortable with web-based registrations and payments. With that in mind, a contact person for each event will continue to be provided. Secure web-based payments will be the preferred method, but not the only option. MSR will likely not be used for all remaining events this year, but will be used for the Napa/Berryessa tour, the Holiday Party, and perhaps some others. This is a learning experience for all of us and we do appreciate your patience with any glitches we encounter.

As always, please continue to check the Region Calendar for contact/registration info for any event

Now for something completely different. My '83 SC is finally fast (or at least handles so well that it feels fast). I was in the top 10 for the first time ever at last month's autocross! The following list catalogues my odyssey since I bought the car in February:

  • Take weight off - remove all A/C components and hoses; remove back seats and belts; replace stock seats with fiberglass racing seats; pare down the door panels to an RS style
  • Fix the oil leaks and install Carrera chain tensioners
  • Modify the suspension -- add stiffness/rigidity (21 and 20mm anti-sway bars, new Bilsteins), increase negative camber front (camber plates) and rear, as well as lower the car to just below European ride height. At this point the lack of good sticky tires became VERY apparent....
  • Increase the wheel/tire size from 16 x 6 and 7 running 205-55 and 225-50 tires to 16 x 7 and 8 running 225-50 and 245-45 tires. Now this car STICKS.

Life is good. I can't wait for the September autocross! Hope to see you there.

That's all for now. Down the road,


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