Vern Rogers by Vern Rogers, 2013 Redwood Region President (February 2013)

I love that it is starting to stay light a little longer each day. The early darkness has not however kept your Region Board of Directors idle.  

Those of you that autocrossed with us last year are aware that our course can use a bit of repair. With that in mind, several Directors, former Directors, and members met me at the site in January to review the track surface and to set priorities for repairs. Big thanks to Tom Strobel, Andrew Snider, Mac and Becky Cranford, Grady Carter, and Jim Winston. 

The number one priority this year is the "go-cart" section. This is an area of the course that gets lots of use; in particular the south entry and center portion.   We plan to remove and replace all of the asphalt in two sections of the go-cart totaling approximately 3,000 square feet.  

Our Autocross Director, Grady Carter, is in process of getting bids for repairs to the go-cart. Jim Winston, a member both of ESCA and PCARR, is assisting in one of the bids, and in supporting Grady. Jim is attending ESCA meetings to negotiate a cost sharing agreement for the work. Steve Searles, Yosemite Region VP, is also assisting in getting a bid. 

Even with ESCA splitting the costs we will still not have enough in our autocross reserve to cover the repairs. Given this, we will be dipping (slightly) into general fund monies to fully pay the costs. Taking our fiduciary duties to heart, the Board has agreed to a modest increase in 2013 autocross fees raising them from $35 to $40.  

We will have T-Shirts again this year, one free to each member who comes out to participate. These T-Shirts, whose design won 2nd place in the PCA National T-Shirt contest last year, are paid for by our primary autocross sponsor, Hi Tec Automotive of San Rafael. This year Hi Tec is joined by a secondary autocross sponsor, Cars Dawydiak of San Francisco and Corte Madera. 

Our first autocross of 2013 will be on Saturday, March 9. This year, like last, will be for Porsche owners and PCA members only. PCA members may drive any make of car they prefer. We had 12 runs apiece at most of last year's autocrosses, and this year we anticipate the same. Our new Autocross Director and Co-Director (Bob Schoenherr) have a great season of fun in store for us, and I for one can hardly wait! 

On another note, this weekend we will be doing a Brunch Run to the Two Bird Café in San Geronimo. Look for a write-up of this event, as well as one on our first Tech Session of the year in our next newsletter. The upcoming Tech Session will be at TRG (The Racers Group) in Petaluma on 2/23. Wine tasting at Adobe Road Winery (in the TRG building) will be available after the session.  

Newsletter articles covering events are written by members just like you. We are always looking for content from our members. Please be open to sharing your literary skills with us should you be approached by one of our event leaders and asked to contribute.  

That's all for now. I hope to see you at an event soon. Down the road. 


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