Vern Rogers     by Vern Rogers, 2013 Redwood Region President (January 2013)

Happy New Year to all! Once again we are at the beginning of the year, and once again we have a shift in roles on the Board, and a calendar filling with activities. Filling does not mean filled. If you have an idea for a drive or other event please pop me an email and we will work with you to make it happen. I think this Region does very well at supporting our members in the pursuit of new and unique activities. Please take a look at the upcoming events listed above to get a preview of what we already have scheduled for the first few months of 2013. 

If you are new to the Club, I not only welcome you, but enthusiastically encourage you to come out to a Brunch Run, Autocross, Wine Tour, or other event. We are a very friendly and welcoming group. Whether you are new or not, if you would like to get more involved there are several ways to make that happen. There are little ways to assist, like handing out route maps at driver's meetings, assuring that waivers get signed, or writing a newsletter article for an activity you have attended. It is said that many hands make light work. As President I am always looking for ways to lighten the work and increase the fun. All Board members, committee members, and event staff are volunteers. The more fun we can have while serving our members the better our experience, and the better yours. 

I would like to start this year, as I did the last, in a spirit of thanks and acknowledgement. The contributions of all Board and Committee members are an integral part of the Region's success, and at this time I want to give special recognition to the efforts of a few of these individuals: 

Greg Maissen, still our most recent Past President - Greg showed up at nearly every autocross last year. While that in itself supported the Club, Greg's car was unavailable all year long, and yet he worked each event. Thank you Greg! 

David Bunch - Last year's Ax Director, and continuing Goodie Store Director. With the end of Sharon Neidel's tenure as Zone 7 rep, and the lessening in David's region responsibilities, I hope the two of them can rest a little, and get some time for themselves... David, isn't there something you two have been meaning to do for a few years now??? 

Don Magdanz -- Our Event Director - Don had a very busy 2012, he developed policies and forms which have standardized much of the work and streamlined the process of putting on Region events. Don was also in the sweep position for many of last year's runs. Nobody does sweep like Don; herding the cats and assuring that non-Porsches are kept out of line. 

I also want to welcome our new Board members, and those now filling new positions: 

Jerry Gladstone and Barbara McCrory - Interim Newsletter Editors. When Chris told us that his company required his presence in So Cal, Jerry and Barbara jumped right in to keep this publication going. These two exemplify a wonderful willingness to get the job done and keep the club moving forward in ever positive ways. They each continue to do fabulous jobs in their respective Treasurer and Web Master roles as well. Thank you both so much for your commitment to the Region and the way that you make it all look effortless. 

Craig Steele - Our new Secretary. I had an opportunity to have a private dinner with Craig last month and very much enjoyed getting to know him a bit better. Thank you Craig for stepping up and being a great addition to the 2013 Board! 

Mike Hinton - Our new VP. Mike has jumped into the role left unexpectedly open when Chris Harrell's business took him away to Southern California. As VP, Mike is in charge of the Region Calendar. We got an early start on 2013 events back in November, which was very good thing since Mike's day job is being a CPA and Tax Preparer. His time will be a bit tight during the first part of the year. 

Grady Carter - Our new Autocross Director. Continuity and competency are very important in Autocross. Grady has done most Redwood Ax's for the last few years, as well as many with GGR, and has also done frequent track events. I am very happy he has consented to give his time to us for the 2013 season. 

Bob Schoenherr -- Grady's co-chair is a fantastic addition to our Ax leadership team. He was our chief instructor last year. He constantly and competently juggled individual instruction of many Ax newbies while making sure that those he could not personally help had other instructors assigned.  

Thanks and welcome!

Let me end with a few words to carry into the New Year -Great People, Great Cars, Great Fun... Come out and share these with us! I am looking forward to seeing and talking to each and every one of you this year.   I said the same last January. Those of you who participated in 2012 know I did just that. I had a great time doing so. This club is its people and I very much enjoy you all!

Down the road, 


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