Vern Rogers by Vern Rogers, 2013 Redwood Region President (July 2013)

tool kit

The pristine tool kit

Fan Belt Changers
Martin Rosen and Tom Strobel over the newly installed
fan belt
Well folks, I am still waiting for the SSI delivery noted in last month's President's message. 
Even so, I have managed a few more upgrades to the SC since I last wrote. I came across a great deal on both a muffler (that will work with the SSI heat exchangers) and a chin spoiler, each acquired for $100.  I have already installed the chin spoiler, and over the 4th of July weekend, I installed the turbo tie rods that I purchased in June.  After an alignment and corner balancing (thanks Deven and HiTec), I do have to say that I am quite pleased with the continually improved handling capabilities of the car.  Thanks also to member John Baldwin for inviting me over to hear and drive his beautiful 3.2 Carrera with its deep and throaty muffler.  It was a very nice gesture, and I also enjoyed meeting your son. I hope to see both of you out at a Redwood event soon.

June's Zone 7 Autocross days (yes, two of them) were a blast, and then there was the All About the Roads tour.   This event was absolutely true to its name.Especially fabulous were the twisty, well surfaced highways 36 to and from Red Bluff and 1 toward the coast from Leggett. Everyone went at their own pace (as per plan), some enjoying the scenery more than the curves, and some the reverse. A great time was had by all.

I have to take a moment to say a VERY big thank you to Steve and Cherryl Glenn for the incredible detail of their planning for this trip.  They not only pre-drove the route shortly before the tour date, but also provided step-by-step, color-coded driving instructions for each of the three days, as well as individual sets of actual AAA maps for each car with routes highlighted in the color matching the instructions.  We ended up with a total of 10 cars and 20 attendees.  It seemed like a perfect number.

Only two mechanical problems were encountered along the way.  John and Kay Jackson's 911 appeared to have gotten either some bad gas, or had trouble adjusting to the altitude along the way.  It was feeling very underpowered on Hwy 36 from Chico to Red Bluff during our first day.  The problem seemed to solve itself at least somewhat as we left Red Bluff and headed to Fort Bragg.  I hope the recovery is now complete (and didn't cost anything).

The other problem was a broken fan belt experienced by Martin and Betsy Rosen in their Turbo Look Carrera.  As luck would have it, the belt broke in Red Bluff on the way back from dinner.  Martin came to me that night wondering where in Red Bluff he could get a new fan belt, and who could assist in putting it on.  You just gotta love PCA members and their cars.  I spoke with Tom Strobel, who had shown me how to do my first Porsche fan belt replacement, and asked Martin to get his tool kit.  I think that Martin must have had this kit flown over from the Porsche Museum.  I have never seen one so pristine. .. and guess what was inside.  Yes, a new fan belt.  With Tom in the lead and me providing a third hand, we had the new belt on in under 10 minutes the next morning, and were off to Fort Bragg.Thank you Tom! 

June also saw us do an afternoon tour around Sonoma ending with dinner at the Plaza Bistro -- a repeat of last year's excellent meal.  Our VP, Mike Hinton, attended and has an article about this event further down the page.

July begins with our annual Porsches on the Plaza event (probably over and done with by the time you read this), continues with Redwood Region Ax #6 on 7/20, and completes with a tour to Far Niente Winery.  This tour does not finish after the winery, but continues into the town of Napa for a lunch at the Red Hen Cantina.  Those of you that attended the Napa tour back in April of this year know that the Mexican food and drink served on their outdoor patio provide for a great social gathering and completion to a PCA event.Don't miss it. See below for detail on these events.

One last set of words to leave you with... I want to express my thanks to Deven Wailes, owner of HiTec, our Region Technical Advisor and primary Ax sponsor, for the party that you host(ed) after Porsches on the Plaza.  Thank you for opening your home to our members.  We stopped using the word advertiser, and started using the word sponsor just to foster this type of involvement with the club. Thank you Deven.


That's all for now. Down the road. 


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