Vern Rogers by Vern Rogers, 2013 Redwood Region President (June 2013)

Smuggler's Box Cover 

Lightweight Battery - Odyssey PC680

I am sitting in front of my computer screen anticipating Redwood's two days of Zone 7 Autocrosses this weekend.  Last month I wrote about the planned changes to my '83 SC -- some have come to pass, some are not yet done.The lightweight battery (Odyssey PC680) arrived on time, but the aluminum housing to mount it to the smuggler's box wall did not. I decided to fabricate it myself from the pictures I had seen. It was actually a lot of fun to do and it came out even better than the one I had ordered. It's amazing what you can do with rudimentary fabrication tools (clamps, a cast iron table saw, a vise, and a weighted rawhide mallet).

This work gave me the bug to do more in the trunk. After relocating the battery, I got inspired by the smuggler's box and blower motor covers I saw on Rennline, and built them as well. I have included pictures below.The more I work on this car the more I love it.

The SSI's I ordered back in the beginning of May have yet to arrive. For those that do not know, company ownership has changed, and manufacturing has moved to Denmark.  I now have an anticipated arrival date of June 21.  The good news is the website that I ordered from agreed to a 20% discount for my trouble. I just hope the build quality is as good as before (fingers crossed).  While I wait for these heat exchangers to arrive, I continue to puzzle over what kind of muffler to buy.  The stock muffler will no longer suffice as it has a single input, whereas the SSI's need two.  I have looked at Dansk, Bursch, M&K, and am open to looking at others.Brad at Hi Tec was good enough to bring in his SC for me to listen to. Although I loved the sound it made, the jury is still out on just what to purchase. If you have an SC with modified exhaust, I would definitely appreciate an opportunity to hear it. 

Okay, enough about my car... June starts our Region into the busy months.Below you will see that we have not only the two days of autocross, but a three-day tour through Northern California on some of the State's best secondary roads (still time to sign-up for this one!).  We originally had a drive and dinner scheduled at Pech Merle Winery for the 29th, but due to permit timing we have had to reschedule this event to later in the year. It has been replaced by a dinner run to the Plaza Bistro in Sonoma.  Those of you that attended this event last year know how great the food is.  We hope to see you back.

July will continue the trend. Porsches on the Plaza promises to be even better this year than last.  Our Event Director and Treasurer, both avid bicycling enthusiasts, are providing added value to the July 13 event by organizing bike rides to take place in conjunction with the car show. As in past years, all proceeds will go to our charity, CASA, who will have a booth on the Plaza.  Please come out, show your car, and do a good deed for the challenged youth of Sonoma County. July also has a Redwood autocross and a wine tour (Far Niente). August activities include another wine tour (Fieldstone in Alexander Valley), autocross #7, and although not a Redwood event, Legends of the Autobahn and Holy week in Monterey. I have received big help on putting together the driving route for the Fieldstone Tour from new member Scott Buchannan.  Susan and I met Scott and his wife Diane on this year's Whale Tale Rallye. Thank you Scott for all the scouting and driving of our proposed routes.

As I have said many times before, if you have an event that you would like to see and help the club put on, please contact any Board member.  

That's all for now. Down the road. 


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