Vern Rogers by Vern Rogers, 2013 Redwood Region President (March 2013)

I am writing this on March 5th, mere days away from our first Autocross of the year. I can't speak for the rest of you, but I am itching to get back to the fun, the speed, and the camaraderie that this event brings to the Region.  My '83 SC, appropriately sorted from all of last year's suspension upgrades, sticky tires, and weight loss program is ready to go as well. I keep taking it out on the fabulous twisty roads of West Marin and Sonoma, but it is just not the same as an AX. There is nothing like driving as fast as you possibly can without fear of cars, cops and kids. Few things, other than a DE or time trial are as much fun on four wheels. I hope to see many of you there.  

And speaking of Autocross, we handled two very important items at last week's Region Board meeting:

A contractor was chosen for the AX track repairs in the 'go-cart' section. These have been scheduled for the time-frame between our first and second events. This section of the course will not be used next weekend. I am assured that Grady and Bob will come up with a fast, friendly and fun layout. It just won't include go-cartthis time. Big thanks go out to Grady, Jim Winston and many others for getting us to this point.

AX fees which had been raised to $40, have been lowered back to $35. After much discussion the Board felt that this decision better served our membership. We hope this price roll-back will encourage new members, as well as those in two driver cars to show up and play with us. New members (within the past year) should have received a free pass to their first AX. If you have joined recently, and have not received your free AX pass, please contact our Membership Chair, Bob Schoenherr ( ).

Even though we will be minus the go-cart for this this time, we will have free AX T-Shirts once again. They are the same award winning design as last season with one crucial upgrade -- the year. I guess that's a little like Porsche; stay with the basic design and implement small improvements each year.

Two weeks after the Autocross is our third annual Whale to Whale Tail Rallye. Bob Schoenherr and Anita Benzing will once again host this event. One more time we have the opportunity to experience the fun of their imaginative gimmick style rallye, and a really beautiful drive filled with Porsches, California coastline, great company, a lighthouse, and maybe even some whales. Either bring a picnic lunch, or pick one up along the way. Depending on the weather, many folks have lunch at the tables outside the lighthouse. This is an event to not be missed; Susan and I don't intend to. See below for further details.

Still in the planning stages is an event exclusively designed around welcoming new members. Discussion of several alternatives will take place at the March 26th Board meeting. Please let me know if you have ideas for venue and/or activities to make our new folks feel happy and at home in our Region. 

Lastly, the Board started discussions last month about sponsoring/co-sponsoring a driving school for teens with Street Survival Schools. This is a national program that is sponsored by Tire Rack, BMW, PCA, and others. It provides teens with classroom and hands on instruction in their daily driver, improving not only their driving skill set, but helping them to avoid future accidents. For more info check out their website (

That's all for now. Down the road. 


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