Vern Rogers by Vern Rogers, 2013 Redwood Region President (May 2013)

Wow, we are already into May and the days have indeed gotten longer.  The extra hours of light allow us to stay on those after-work car projects and still be able see what we are doing.  I love it.  I am continuing to pull weight off of my '83 SC, and it continues to respond with additional power and handling.  This last week I ordered a light weight battery that will allow an almost 20 lb trimming of 'fat'.  As this month continues I will also be doing one of the best things for increasing horsepower on these 3.0 engines, ssi heat exchangers and a sport muffler.  This last improvement is one I have wanted to do since I purchased the car, and I am finally biting that bullet. I can't wait for the next AX.

I missed the May 4th AX as Susan and I were attending a night tour of Hearst Castle with 10 other friends, all dressed in '30's and '40's vintage attire. No, Porsches are not my only interest, just one of my favorites.

This month brings us a slight breather before getting into a very packed Redwood Region Calendar in the coming months. Aside from the AX, we do have a Porsche Corral scheduled for Sunday the 19th at Sear Point Raceway.  June will be jam packed by comparison.  We will start with a two day Zone 7 AX on the 8th and 9th, followed by our three day Mille style 'Its All About the Roads" tour running from 6/21 thru 6/23.  Amazing roads and great road surfaces, fun stops, fabulous views and plenty of camaraderie with other PCA members.  Susan and I signed up for this one right away and are really looking forward it.  This is a trip not to be missed. Additionally, any of you going to this year's Parade will be occupied 6/23 through 6/29.

But wait there's more... The last Saturday of June will provide our second opportunity to taste wine and share food at Pech Merle Winery, owned by members Bruce and Cheryl Lawton.  This year the driving tour preceding our arrival will start later in the day so that we get to the winery as the temperature is cooling down.  Those of you who attended last year will remember that it was a bit above warm during our meal and wine tasting.  The heat should be off, and we will once again be setting up under the immense ancient oak tree that graces the Lawton's property.

July is similarly scheduled to June.  Porsches on the Plaza will start us off on Saturday 7/13.  This year we will be adding an informal bike ride to this event as some of our members share an avid interest in both bicycles and cars.  Those interested in the added activity should contact Don Magdanz, our Event Director. The weekend following Porsches on the Plaza is Redwood AX # 6, and completing the month, on 7/27 we will have a tour with Far Niente Winery as our destination.

Redwood Region continues to have one of the most varied event schedules in Zone 7, and it is our fervent hope that this variety allows our members and especially their families, associate members, and significant others to all participate in the club.  As always, if you have suggestions for events that you would like to see the club do, or you would like to help plan, please contact me or another Board member.

Lastly, remember that Region Board Meetings are open to all members, and are held on the last Tuesday of each month at Ghiringhelli's Pizzeria/Grill, 1535 So. Novato Blvd.,Novato CA.  Meetings start at 7pm.

That's all for now. Down the road. 


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