Deven congratulating Vern on his 1st Place in
"Competition" class at the Ledson Concours 
Vern Rogers

  by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region President
  (October 2013)

Since my last writing we have had the September AX, Maple Creek Winery run/tour and the Redwood Region Zone 7 Concours at Ledson. Please check out the articles on these events below. As of this writing, the Oktoberfest (Saturday, 9/28) hosted by members Holger and Martina Seibert is just coming up. I am sure this will be big fun.It always is.

This year's Ledson Concours was better attended in terms of both the entries and the observers. Unlike last year, we did not have a drop of rain on the day. I'd like very much to thank all who participated, and especially those few individuals who stayed late to handle tear down and clean-up.   One of our new members, Sharon Castle, invited folks over to her home in nearby Oakmont for a little Chardonnay and cheese after the event.Several of us took her up on the offer. Thanks Sharon. Thanks also to Mary Ann Wakefield from CASA who staffed the table we had set up for our favorite charity; she also spoke to the group during the awards ceremony. She covered the many positive, long term benefits provided by CASA to at risk youth in Sonoma County. Lastly, I would like to thank the event sponsor Hi Tec Automotive in San Rafael. They have been sponsoring this concours for many years now, and their support is greatly appreciated. It was a treat to have not only Hi Tec owner Deven Wailes in attendance, but also his brother Dana. Due to their support we were able to raise $800 for CASA at Ledson this year.

On a more personal note, I had a great time at the September AX. I don't know if it was my new SSI's, luck, or finally gaining some driving skill, but I finished well above mid-pack this time.

On another positive note, we had a new photographic contributor at this AX. Thanks go out to Victor Galvez who shot in the neighborhood of 800 photos that day. 

October begins a slowdown in monthly events for our region. There are only two scheduled, and both are on the same weekend. Our last AX of the year is on 10/19, followed the next day by our Annual Members Meeting on 10/20. The AX, as in past years, will be an enduro with multiple laps per run. The Annual Meeting will be your last opportunity to toss your hat in the ring to run for one of the four elected board positions. I hope to see you at one or both of these events.

Escape to L.A. is also in October, running 10/23 through 10/27. This is a National event, and as I said last month, draws over 500 beautiful Porsches. David Bunch and I are still looking for Redwood Region members who would like to caravan down to Pomona on the 23rd. It appears that the caravan will consist of folks from not only our region, but others in Zone 7 as well. Please contact David or myself if you would like to join.

I began talking about plans in September for our December Holiday Party, this year on the seventh of the month. As I said, this year we will be at the Lodge in Sonoma. We have confirmed Todd Morgan and the Emblems as the band, and have just finished menu selection for the dinner.Sign-ups will be through MotorsportReg, as have been most events this year. See below for details on the event and lodging.

I would like to end with an acknowledgement to the members of this year's board of directors. We have a great region with an exciting, eclectic, abundant schedule of events. This could not be possible without the time, dedication, and expertise of these people. Thank you all so very much!

That's all for now. Down the road. 


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