Vern Rogers

  by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region President
  (December 2014)

First let me say thank you to the Board Members who have served with me over the past three has been an honor. An exceptional job has been done by all of you, and I want to especially single out those who have gone above and beyond by taking on not only one job, but two, or three. 

Jerry Gladstone has done and amazing job as Treasurer and for the last 24, and now 25 issues, Newsletter Co-Editor. He always goes the extra mile, whether it be finding new ways to save the Region money, or making sure dR articles are delivered on time. Thank you Jerry!

Barbara McCrory has done an equally fantastic job as not only Webmaster, but like Jerry, as Newsletter Co-Editor. Her quiet support and endless hours spent on these as well as other tasks is very much appreciated. Thank you Barbara!

Bob Schoenherr has been Membership Director, Autocross Co-Director, and Autocross Chief Instructor for this time as well. I am always impressed with how Bob juggles his instructor duties to assure that all who need AX help get it. Thank you Bob!

Before going on to specifically acknowledge other Board members, I need to take a moment to give thanks for my sweet wife, Susan, without whom I would not have been able to give so much time and effort to the Region. She had been a steady supporter over these three years and has always encouraged me to hold to my vision. THANK YOU my dear! 

This Region only thrives through the efforts of its volunteers, and the continued participation of our members.  It has been a privilege to serve as your President, and to have such competent and enthusiastic Directors on the Board.  Big thanks to Mike Hinton, Craig Steele, David Bunch, Don Magdanz, Grady Carter, Simone Kopitzki, Mac Cranford, James Heisey, Greg Maissen , Kurt Fischer and Scott Downie.  I also want to thank my first VP Chris Harrell who was so valuable in helping me determine my vision that first year. I could not have done this without the support I got from all of you!

I want to thank and congratulate Chip Witt for being elected our new Secretary, and Tom Short for stepping into the role of our 2015 Membership Director.  As per our Bylaws, the position of Membership Director is filled by appointment at next year's first Board meeting. I am sure that as long as Tom is still willing, he will be appointed at the January meeting. Gentlemen, thank you for stepping up. 

I had the opportunity at this year's Holiday Party to bring a new ceremony to the transition of the Region Presidency.  I secretly prepared 26 different 8.5x11 sheets of heavy card stock with the names of each President the Region has had since our inception on January 20, 1969 (1). (Thank you Barbara for the list of Presidents.) These were put into sealed, numbered manila envelopes and handed to attendees of the party with instructions to not open until told to do so. Just as the dessert course was about to be served, I had all attendees with envelopes come to the stage and arrange themselves in number order. Once in order, I had them all open their envelopes and hold the presidential sheet in front of them.  We now had the names and terms of all Redwood Presidents running from left to right across the stage. One thing remained. I had Craig Steele (holding envelope #1) unwrap a Presidential Scepter that I had constructed from an aluminum 991 Turbo model, and a 928 hood shock (donated by Tom Strobel).  Once unwrapped, the scepter was passed from "President" to "President" all the way from 1969 to 2014 (me), and I presented it to Mike.  Presidential transition completed. See picture below:

Presidential Transition                             photo by Sandy Steele, editing by Vern Rogers

Before signing off, I would like to ask you all to support the 2015 Redwood Region Board of Directors and the Club just as vigorously has you have over the past three years of my Presidency.  They have an exciting year of activities already planned, and room for more should you have an addition.  We always need more volunteers as many hands make light work.  Please come out and support your Region.

Lastly, please know that I am not leaving Redwood and will serve as the most Recent Past President until Mike's successor is elected.  Hopefully that will be a few years.  My role will be mostly that of an advisor and mentor to Mike, but I will also lead an event or two, as well as attend many of them.

That's all for now. Down the road (wearing a different hat).


(1) Ed. The Club was first formed in June 1966 as the Tamalpias Porsche Club. The name was legally changed to the Redwood Region - Porsche Club of America in January 1969. 

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