Vern Rogers

  by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region President
  (February 2014)

Ah February, finally a month with more than one Redwood Region event. By the time you read this we will have already had the lunch run to the Two Bird Café, and be looking forward to the Tech Session at Hi Tec in San Rafael on the 22nd.

Our only Redwood event in January was the One One Fun Run. It definitely looked great from the pictures and last month's write-up, but I never get to go on this one due to prior commitments for New Year's Day.

January did play host to the Zone 7 President's meeting and Awards Banquet in Livermore. Big thanks to our Zone Rep, Paul Czopek, for organizing and big congratulations to our own Anita Benzing who won the 2013 Autocross Series Tenacity Award.  Please see Steve and Barbara McCrory's article below for details about other Redwood members who received awards.

This year's Two Bird Run will take an entirely different route than in the past thanks to the creativity of our Event Director Don Magdanz. As I write this I have just read an email from Don stating that we have 33 cars signed up already. I am sure the article further down the page will have a glowing review of the newly blazed trail, as well as the fun and challenges of handling two run groups.  Late note: As it turned out the idea of two run groups was not really necessary.  See Mike Hinton's article for details. 

Our second event this month will center on the Porsche shop owned by our Technical Advisor and primary Autocross sponsor, Deven Wailes. Many of you have availed yourselves of the excellent repair and enhancement work done by Hi Tec. I hope to see you there. Please see the flyer further down the page for details. 

One thing that February will not contain is a Redwood Autocross. Given the weather, we probably could have broken tradition and scheduled one, but it's too late now. I for one, am truly jonesing to get out on the AX course. That will just have to wait for March.  Look for Grady Carter's article below for details and further encouragement about Redwood Autocrosses.

On a personal note, and aside from Autocross, I intend to do my first DE event this year. I have autocrossed for 6 years, but have yet to get my car on a track for more than a parade lap. I am excited and a little scared. Driver Education events have you on the track for a lot longer than the 60 seconds it takes to do a lap at AX, and you are not on the track alone. The beauty is that beginners run with beginners, and have an instructor in the car until they are certified to run solo. Big thanks to Redwood members Mac Cranford, Grady Carter, David Bunch and Tom Strobel who have all been giving me advice and encouragement. Wish me luck. 

Another thing to look forward to this year, besides all the brunch/lunch/dinner runs, AX's, wine tours, and other Redwood activities is that Porsche Parade is back on the West Coast, in Monterey. Parade runs from June 15 - 21. This is the biggest event that our national organization puts on each year (one full week of activities), and it is an easy few hours drive from where we live. Look for articles about Parade in issues of dR as we near the June event. We have intentionally lessened the number of Region events in June to allow our members more opportunity to attend Parade. Registration opens on March 11. (ed: right after press time - date changed to April 1 for Registration).

That's all for now ... down the road. 


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