Vern Rogers

  by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region President
  (July 2014)

Parade in Monterey. How many of you went? How many of you have been to prior Parades? This was our first one. Each car had a registration number on it. If you had two cars you had an 'A' and a 'B' to go with your number. We had my '83 SC, and '99 Boxster both in Monterey that week. Susan drove one and I the other. For an entire week you couldn't turn around without seeing beautiful Porsches everywhere. I don't have an exact car count, but I seem to remember the registration number of 1295 as the last. This was apparently the biggest Parade ever.

I autocrossed, we banqueted, as well as had great dinners with small groups of Redwood friends. We did the wine tasting, and I went solo to the beer tasting. The concours was huge with some really amazing production and race cars. Both Susan and I got our two parade laps on Laguna Seca. She was so stoked she is talking about picking up another Porsche just for her.

Volunteers are what make this organization run, and volunteering is lots of fun. There is a kind of camaraderie that comes from working alongside your fellow members that is impossible to get in any other way. One of my most fun times at this year's Parade was handing out timing slips during the morning shift at the Thursday AX. I know that other Redwood members like Ron Breeze, Craig Steele, John Jackson and Mike Hinton did various volunteer gigs during their week in Monterey. Big thanks to these folks and to the others of you that gave of yourselves and your time at Parade.  I hope you had as much fun as I did!

I want to particularly acknowledge our own Sharon Neidel for handling the table decorations for all (yes that is correct, all) the banquets at Parade this year. The planning and execution of this was massive. I also want to acknowledge Dave Bunch both for his visible and behind the scenes support of Sharon. I know that Sharon's Mom Shirley was also a key player in making this happen.

Much more can and will be said of the 2014 Porsche Parade, some of it in this issue, but for now I'll move on to our Redwood Region July events.  

We will already have had our first July event by the time you read this. Porsches on the Plaza will have happened on Sunday July 6. At last count (on July 4) we had 42 cars signed up for parking on the Sonoma Town Square. This wonderful casual event always draws a big crowd and fantastic cars. Our Primary AX Sponsor, and Technical Advisor, Deven Wailes of Hi Tec Automotive, is not only providing prizes for People's Choice Awards, but also inviting all attendees to his Sonoma home for a party after the event. This is the second year in a row he has made this party invite official and open to all. The $20 per car fee to park on the Plaza, along with the National PCA Charity Subsidy, is being donated to CASA.

The next Redwood Region AX is just 6 days after our fun in Sonoma. We skipped June to allow folks to focus on Parade, and I know some of you are just Jonesing to get back on the AX course. I will not be among the attendees this time as I am finally getting myself and my SC (Bruno) on the track at Thunderhill over the July 12/13 weekend. Those of you at the AX will be basking in low 80's temps, whereas T-Hill in Willows is forecast to be 99 on Saturday and 102 on Sunday. I guess the good news is that I will lose a lot of water weight.  I will be running in the DE sponsored by Golden Gate Region, and we will be using all of the track, including the new extension. This addition makes it a 5 mile course.

Our last event for July is the Field Stone Winery Run on the 26th. I have planned a different route than last year, which will take us on a more northerly approach to the winery. Food and wine promise to be as good or better than last year. They will be pouring their jammy, luscious 2012 Syrah among other favorites of mine. This is one not to miss.That's all for now. 

That's all for now. 


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