Vern receiving a PCA Citation from Zone 7 Rep Paul Czopek commemorating Redwood's 45th Anniversary
                                         photo by Tom Short 
Vern Rogers

  by Vern Rogers, Redwood Region President
  (March 2014)

Well we have finally gotten rain. It certainly had an impact on last month's run to the Two Bird Café.  53 people were signed up prior to the day, and 9 folks actually did the drive. To be fair to all that decided to skip it, we did encounter some pretty challenging road conditions and as such the pace was anything but spirited. Thanks go out  to Kurt Fischer, our lead on the route, for being safety minded.I also want to thank Deven, Dana, Greg, Nick, Thorsten, Brad, Byron and Valerie from Hi Tec for a great Tech Session last month. The level of detail, the down-to-earth practical presentations, as well as the fun toys presented and on display were very entertaining and informative.The food was also very good.Thanks All!

By the time you read this we will have had our annual Whale to Whale Tail Rally to the Pt. Arena Lighthouse. I am sure that this event will have the legendary creative activities always provided by Bob Schoenherr and Anita Benzing. See below for an after the event article. 

March also brings our first Autocross of the year.  My '83 SC (Bruno) is getting ready for not only this, but for my first DE ever. I have replaced my old brake lines with stainless steel braid, added performance brake pads, as well as finally installing a bump steer kit. Thank you Tom Strobel for all your help in getting this accomplished!  I am still working on getting a set of seats into the car that are both comfortable and low enough to accommodate my 6 foot tall frame when wearing a helmet. I started with fiberglass racing seats, changed back to the stock seats (recovered with assistance from a friend of Mr. Strobel), and tried some vintage Recaros -- none of these were quite right. Just last week I found and purchased a set of ('81-'84) Porsche sport seats.These will be recovered in the next week or so. The good news is that I have gotten very good at swapping out seats, but I do hope this is the end of the search.

I know that many Redwood members have done DE (Driver Education) events in the past. I have autocrossed for 6 years now, so I guess it is about time for me. PCA Driver Education (High Speed) events include, and in fact require, an instructor to be in the passenger seat until the driver is certified to drive solo.The ones run by the Golden Gate Region also provide both driver and instructor with headsets and microphones for in-car communications. I will be attending the GGR DE at Thunderhill in Willows, CA on March 29 and 30.

Most of you know that I not only have Bruno, but an '05 Carrera. Some of you may be wondering why I would take the 'old' Porsche to a high speed track event instead of the 997. Once I have been on the track and been passed on straightaways by car after car I may change my mind, but for now, I want the feel that I know I can get from my SC. No ABS, no traction control, no power steering. What that this leaves me with is a deeper connection to the road and to the car. An '83 SC is anything but a point-and-shoot vehicle. I am really looking forward to improving my ability to actually drive. I believe the car already knows how to.

On a completely different note, I would like to appeal to Redwood members that have attended Porsche Parade in the past to contact me and/or our newsletter editors. We are hoping to be able to present articles from now until June that will assist our general membership in understanding what the experience of Parade is all about and how to get the most out of it. Please share your experiences and knowledge with the rest of us. Monterey is so close and I hope that many, many of us will attend. Remember that events can be previewed on the website now, prior to registration opening up. I urge you all to take a look. Remember that the opening of registration has changed from what it was last month. Registration for Parade now opens on April 1st. See below for further information.

That's all for now ... down the road. 


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