Mike Hinton

  by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region President
  (April 2015)

First of all, I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to our new Newsletter Editor, Jamie DeRuiter, for helping to bring der Reisenbaum back to life after a brief hiatus. I know Jamie as a formidable but friendly competitor on the autocross course in his 912 hot rod, and I'm looking forward to future issues of dR as he continues the tradition of talented editors for the publication. 
Even though it's already April, this is my first President's Report, so I thought I'd take the opportunity talk about how I wound up here. I first joined the Region in 2007 after I purchased my first 911, a 1987 Carrera, but didn't attend any events until my birthday in February 2009 - a breakfast run to the Two Bird Café. Obviously, I didn't know a soul, but soon, I met Greg Maissen, who was the Vice President at the time. Greg made me feel at ease immediately, and encouraged me to try autocrossing. I met several other friendly people at the event as well, which encouraged me to become more involved in the activities. I became an avid autocrosser, which introduced me to even more members. By 2011, another Past President, Kurt Fischer, convinced me to run for Secretary of the Club. All of you veterans know that once you're nominated, you're going to be elected. Now, here we are in 2015... 

OK. Enough about me. Let's get to the fun stuff. We have an awesome array of events coming up in the next few months, and I would encourage all of you to come and check one out. Otherwise, how am I going to be able to meet all of our members? Seriously, the events range from brunch runs, to autocrosses, to a paddock at Sears Point (I know, it's "Sonoma Raceway," but humor me), and on and on. Truly, there is something for every Porsche enthusiast. If you're willing to cast your net a bit further, there are two incredible events in the Monterey area coming up: The Werks Reunion, which is essentially part of the "Car Week" in August, and Rennsport Reunion V in September. I've been lucky enough to attend both events in the past, and would be happy to talk to anyone about the experience. 

Finally, let me say a big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who assist in the production of our events. Without you, there would be no Club! 

I hope to see all of you at an event soon.


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