Mike Hinton

  by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region President
  (June 2015)

Now that I've gotten the bulk of my traveling out of the way, it's time get out and enjoy the (almost) summer weather in a Porsche.  Our last trip was a quick drive to Colorado Springs to attend my niece's high school graduation (since she's the daughter of my baby sister, I guess that means I'm really old!)  I thought it would be a good opportunity to test the touring capabilities of our 2014 Carrera.  Not surprisingly, the 991 proved to be an excellent tourer.  We drove 2,800 miles in 4 days of driving, in supreme comfort.  Our route included both interstate highways and 2-lane roads, and the 991 was at home both places.  Oh, and 27 mpg overall doesn't hurt either!


  Now that I'm home for a while, I'm eagerly anticipating the Region's upcoming events.  Please check out the calendar - no matter what your interests are, we probably have an event that you'll enjoy.  On one hand, we continue to have excellent turnouts at the events, but on the other hand, we have over 500 primary members.  It seems that only a small fraction of members attend the events.  My Board and I would like to change that situation.  If you can fit an event into your schedule (I know, we all have a million things to do), come to one you like and meet some of your fellow members.  I've met scores of friendly, interesting people, through the Club.  I'd encourage you to do the same.  Also, if you have an idea for an event that we don't currently sponsor, please contact me or any other Board member. 


Hope to see all of you soon!

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