Mike Hinton

  by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region President
  (November 2015)

Well, here we are in November already.  Daylight Savings Time is gone, and it seems like it gets dark at 3:00 in the afternoon.  As we approach the Holiday Season (yes, I've already received several Christmas catalogs), our events for the year are winding down.  Aside from the Dillon Beach run on the 14th, there is only the Holiday Party on December 12th remaining.
  As you probably know, the Holiday Party will be held at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa this year, which will be a familiar spot for long-time members.  This event will be the first one that Brenda and I will attend and I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm told that the food will be first-rate.  The Region is generously covering the corkage fee for wine (so bring a nice bottle to share), and once again, CASA will be conducting a silent auction.  I purchased some nice wines at the auction last year.  One important point to remember, though - CASA does not accept credit cards for payment, so bring cash or your checkbook and bid vigorously.
  Since my last report, the Redwood Region held its first winery tour at Davis Estates, which is just up the road from my house in Calistoga.  Vern Rogers led a nice drive to the venue, and we were treated to some great wines and a catered luncheon.  Later, the owner, Mike Davis, conducted a tour of the grounds.  Although construction is still underway (do large projects like this EVER get completed?), the parts that were completed were beautiful, and the grounds have a fantastic view of the Napa Valley and the mountains beyond.  We hope to make this tour an annual event, so watch for it on the 2016 calendar!
  Craig Steele and I attended the Zone 7 President's Meeting on Halloween down in Pleasanton.  No, we did not go in costume!  Paul Czopek headed up his last meeting before his escape to Tucson, and I felt it was time well spent.  We spent much of the meeting discussing how to promote events of our own (and other) regions, and will be working on an exciting proposal to conduct a "tour" of the entire Zone 7.  Concurrently with our meeting, Larry Sharp headed up an autocross course design class, which was attended by Grady Carter, Chip Witt, and Drew Powers from the Redwood Region.  Be sure to attend next year's autocross events so that we can see what they learned!
  Finally, on December 5, Brenda and I will be attending the annual Calistoga Tractor Parade.  We plan to eat dinner prior to the parade, and will host people at our house after the parade concludes.  Please contact me if you're interested in joining.  It's a true small-town treasure!

Aloha from Maui!


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