Autocross Rule Changes

For the folks who are planning to classify their car for Zone 7 autocross events this year, there has been a change in the classification rules.  Zone 7 will now be using PCA Parade Rules instead of the Golden Gate Region's (GGR) "Point" classification method.

This change will apply to Zone 7 class standings only.  Redwood Region will continue using the GGR point classification method that we have been using for the last 3 years.

A quick guide:

  1. If you do not want to classify your car you are a FUN class person, so ignore this and just come out to our events and have fun!
  2. If you want to try for season-long bragging rights in the Redwood Region, please classify your car at the GGR website and come on out to rack up those points.
  3. If want to run for points in the Zone 7 events, please classify your car under the new Zone 7 rules. For Redwood that will be the April 5th and 6th events.
  4. If you want to run for points in both Zone 7 and the Redwood Region on April 5thand/or 6th you will need to have both classifications on your registration card each day you run.

GGR Points Classification:  GGR Points Classification 

Zone 7 Autocross Rules: Zone 7 Autocross Rules 

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See you soon . . . . Grady