Bob Schoenherr demonstrating use of the walkie talkies.
Who needs an instructor?
The Iceman Report - Redwood Region Autocross #6, August 9, 2014

by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Secretary

Redwood's August autocross went off without a hitch even though our autocross leader, Grady Carter, was away attending a wedding in Washington State. As a volunteer I am responsible for getting water and ice to the autocross cooler by 8am. Also, I help Anita with registration. My Cayman is out of commission and awaiting a donor engine (that's another story to be revealed at another time). So I had time to just take pictures during the morning autocross runs. It was a mild, cloudless morning with slight cooling breeze. We had approximately 37 cars running this day. After a few technical hitches with timing, the cars were off and running. I had to leave after lunch so I can't report the results. (Ed. For the results click here.) 

Here are some of my favorite photos of the event.


  Mike Hinton rounds the starter.
Timing SlipHigh WheelPeggy Bair receiving good news on her last run.                               The famous Porsche 3-wheel turn.                       That was one quick Porsche!

No autocross would be complete without an all wheel exit from the course plus a cone down.  DNF