B. Davoren, #609, scoots by the station 4 cones on
his way to his best time of 71.417 seconds.
The Iceman Report - Redwood Region Autocross #9, November 1, 2014

by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Secretary

The final Redwood Region autocross of 2014 was held on Saturday, November 1st. After a night of ghosts and goblins, 45 drivers descended on our Sonoma County Airport autocross course. The drivers were treated to two-lap "enduro-style" challenge on the still cold pavement. The afternoon sun warmed the asphalt improving tire grip resulting in faster run times. I wanted my final 2014 report to focus on the most important goal of autocross: how close can one drive around a cone without knocking it out of the box. Hitting a cone gets one a one second penalty added to your run time. This often comes as a surprise (to some) at the end of the run when your time slip is handed to you.


Below are a collection of photos of various Porsche/drivers rounding the start and the station 4 turns. All drivers pictured, except Bob Schoenherr, successfully navigated the cones without contact. Which Porsche/drivers came the closest without hitting the cone. Guess the closest? E-mail me with your guess: Craig. 

Bob Schoenherr, #76 cone destroyer!

G. Carter, #56, rounding station 4 in his white
Carrera.  Best time was 70.071 seconds.

Barney the Purple Porsche
M. Hinton, #109, lifts his front tie as his 911
rounds the cones at the start turn.  Best
time: 70.837 seconds.

Porsche Cayman
K. Halvorsen, #10L, in her Cayman rounds the
 start turn during her second lap. She turned
 in her best time of day at 83.931seconds.

Porsche Cayman S
B. Adkins, #7, in his Cayman S speeds by station 4's
last cone on his way to his best time of 69.078 seconds.

Porsche Boxster
S. O'Connell, #63, in her silver Boxster rounding the start
 turn cones on her way to a time of 73.445 seconds.

Porsche 912
T. Bayless, slips by one of the station 4 cones as he heads to
his 61.851 second two-lap time, top time of day for any driver.

Porsche Cayman S  
This is my last Iceman Report as next season I plan to be behind the wheel of my Cayman S (above) instead of my Nikon. In mid-November, I will be driving my "Gator45" back from San Diego to Santa Rosa via Highway 1. Love those curvy Porsche-friendly roads.