Autocross Course
AX#7  "Eight Ball"

Autocross #7, August 8th, 2015

by Jamie DeRuiter, Editor, der Riesenbaum

Well our last course was certainly an interesting one.  Bob outdid himself this time.  What a fun course!  Nicknamed the 'Eight Ball' course for the date of the event ( 8-8-2015 ). Check out the course:

It was another perfect day for autocross.  The weather was mild and only got into the low eighties with a slight breeze in the afternoon.  We've been very blessed this season with milder temperatures for our races.
  The course design only allowed for two cars on the track at a time and the second car had to finish the course before another two were allowed to run.  This made for only nine runs for the day but the course was so fun that I don't think anyone cared.  
  The course workers were great and got a lot of exercise chasing hit cones down and replacing them to their spots.  It was the kind of course that begged to be pushed to the limit and many cones were ruthlessly dragged and smashed by our aggressive driving.  I know I had to chase down my share of abused cones on station #1.
  The usual suspects were there along with some new faces.  It was nice to meet Chris O'Connor and watch him drive his 2014 Cayman into the #3 spot overall with a time of 50.077.  Nice driving Chris!
  The Top Time of Day (TTOD) for the men went to Trevor Ridgley in his 1994 968 with a time of 47.245.  His Porsche is both beautiful and fast.  His car reminds me of the song by Joe Satriani called 'Flying In A Blue Dream'.  Trevor's collection of fast autocross cars never ceases to amaze me nor does his skill as a driver.
  TTOD for the women went to Vern Thomas in her 2002 Boxster with a time of 54.317.  Watching Vern negotiate the course can only be described as smooth and controlled with a large dose of ATTACK!  The red #7L is a force to reckon with at autocross.  Way to tear it up Vern.
The Powers were out in force driving their 1964 356 that I like to call 'Dad' since I drive a 912.  Larry, Kim and Drew (along with their adopted son Chip Witt) drove the tires off that car.  At station #1, where I worked the course, I got to see all of them lift the inside front tire off the ground while taming the car around that corner.  This crew of autocrossers define what it's like to have a great time driving our Porsches just for the thrill of it all.  Way to represent our club!

Ryan and Greg Matsumoto went head to head in their 2007 911S again.  This time Ryan got the better of Greg by 0.02 seconds.  Nice driving 'kid'.  This father son battle has been a kick to watch this year.  This kind of family competition can only make them faster in the end.  I can imagine what they're both thinking on grid as they prepare to launch onto the track..."Let's see if you can beat this one Dad/Son!"
  We make a habit of rounding up at Applebee's in Santa Rosa after our events.  We got to share some good laughs and stories about the day.  Our group makes sure anyone who comes out has a fun and safe event and the people you meet and get to know are why I love these races.

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My view on Grid of the #7/#7L car about to launch


Our President, Mike Hinton, debuting his 2014 911 at autocross