Autocross #5, June 13th, 2015

by Jamie DeRuiter, Editor, der Riesenbaum

Our auotcross event #5 was welcomed by perfect spring weather.  The day was sunny and in the mid 80's with a slight breeze.  Twenty six cars were challenged by another great course designed by Bob Schoenherr.  It was one of those courses that begged you to shift into third in hopes of a faster time.  Normally we shift into second and stay there for the most part but this time using third gear was a benefit to my time.  The first time I tried I found fifth gear instead of third...oops.  I was amazed at how fast I got it back into second though.  Adrenaline inspired shifting.  

n use for it's debut was our new AX trailer.  The tents were moved next to the giant hay stack which opened up room for more parking near the grid.  The feedback from the trailer workers was that it was much easier to see the car numbers for recording times since the trailer was positioned closer to the start/finish.

Top Time of Day (TTOD) for men went to Mike Beavers in his 2014 GT3 with a time of 34.280 seconds.  TTOD for the women went to Vern Thomas in her 2002 Boxster with a time of 36.498.  Nice driving you two!

It's always fun to see a father and son team at one of our events.  A spirited competition between Greg and Alan Matsumoto lead to a very close finish between the two drivers with only 0.006 seconds separating the two drivers.  Greg, enjoy this win while you can because your son Alan is most likely going to get you at the next event.  I look forward to the day when one of my sons tries to beat his dad in his own car.  
Drew and Larry Powers had their 1964 356 back in action after some repair work.  It was good to see "Dad" back in action.  I call it that because the 356 is the 'father' of my 912.  I love the way the inside front wheel lifts on this car around hard corners.  
 I managed a work station with Deborah Suttkus who's friendly demeanor and enthusiasm was fun to be around.  She shared her apple slices with me while we watched for toppled cones.  The Diablo region is well represented by her.
  Stephanie Dunn represented the Golden Gate region in her 2004 996 turbo that had a scorpion theme.  It's fun to see PCA members enjoying their rides as much as she does this car.  Little details like this make our cars our own and we all like to add those little details to our cars that make them unique.

All together we enjoyed fourteen runs on what was to prove to be another challenging course.  With only four events left for our region the time is now to get out and enjoy some healthy competition before we head into Fall/Winter again.  Time flies almost as fast as our Porsches so come on out and wear down your tires some while meeting and enjoying some great company.

Shift Toward Adventure.