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Dave Bunch taking a ride in Grady's car

Autocross #8, "Achtung!" September 19, 2015
by Jamie DeRuiter, Editor, der Riesenbaum

Finally!  It took me all season but I finally got my rear swaybar to work.  Thanks to Deven and Thorsten at Hi -Tec Automotive for making this possible.  What a blast to have full rear traction for once.  My other setup was bottoming out on my chassis causing me to lose rear traction on the opposite side in hard cornering.  Loss of traction = loss of time.  
  The course Trevor Ridgley designed was very fun indeed.  Named "Achtung!", it was obvious why the course was given this name.  You really did have to pay "attention" to keep a good line through the course especially in the back 'S' turns.  I found the crucial areas for me where entering the sweeper in the back I tried to stay as far left as possible before committing to the turn in point.  Then coming down the home stretch it was a fine balance between throttle, traction and ones line to maintain good speed throughout.  That final turn before the finish was a test of ones courage and how well one knew their vehicle's ability to correct when needed.
We had 33 cars running the course with 10 runs total for the day.  We had 9 Boxsters making that model the go to car it seems now at autocross.  When all the runs were done the Top Time of Day (TTOD-M) for the men went to the course designer Trevor Ridgley in his '04 GT3 with an impressive time of 45.927 seconds.  The women's field was won by Vern Thomas in her '02 Boxster with a TTOD-L of 50.762.  Way to tear it up you two!

We had the pleasure of having Tristan back in action in Bill Newton's 912.  It was fun to see that combo picking apart the course.  After watching everyone drive by me at station #2 I have one observation to make.  Drew Powers driving style is similar to Tristan in the way he takes his lines through the course and how they throw their cars into that line.  Have you been coaching Drew Tristan?  I prefer to work the course so I can see how different drivers approach and attack the course hoping to glean something that can make me faster. 
  I got a kick out of hearing and watching Andrew Fox's 1971 911E targa both on and off the course.  Beautiful car Andrew.  

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Andrew's 911E


Nice Engine!