Breakfast Run to Two Bird Cafe - April 23, 2011


Chris Harrell  by Chris Harrell
                                              Photos by Chris Harrell and Bob Schoenherr

As most locals would concur, April has been a month we would like to forget from a weather standpoint, so I was hopeful when I opened my eyes to some rays of sunshine on the morning of Saturday, April 23. Like everyone else, Veronica and I have spent the last several cold/grey/wet months living largely on the promise of Porsche fun to come in 2011. Neither of us had ever been to Two Bird Café in San Geronimo, but we had heard good things about it, and we were looking forward to experiencing it after a nice morning driving tour with our Redwood Region friends.

Since we have been favoring the GT3 at most recent driving tours, we decided to give the '73 hot rod (aka The Beast) a chance to hit the Marin back roads on this particular day. After "showering myself awake", I proceeded with my now-standard Porsche event morning practice of firing up the car and going on a quick fuel run while Veronica finished getting ready. Cruising down Freitas Parkway, I sighed at the grey skies above. Apparently, the rays of sunshine that had awakened me were ephemeral after all. However, I quickly reminded myself that regardless of the weather, this would be great day and a great Porsche drive, and I quickly contented myself, grinning at the wonderful groaning, whining, popping sounds coming from behind my seat as The Beast continued to warm itself up for the day's drive.

Veronica and I rolled into the standard meeting spot, the parking lot in front of Chevy's Restaurant at Vintage Oaks in Novato, just before the 9:00am meeting time. There were about 8-10 Porsches in the lot when we arrived. After roughly 45 minutes of greetings, chatting, coffee purchases, bio breaks, picture-taking, and-of course-a drivers' meeting, 50+ of us hit the road, approximately 30 cars deep. The sun was still hiding, but nobody really seemed to care. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area; the open space of West Marin on a grey day is prettier than most other places at their best, and this writer thinks it is even prettier with a line of Porsches making their way through. 

Any of us who have driven these very roads in 2011 have noticed the increased CHP presence (we were flanked-and even followed-by multiple patrol cars on our New Year's Day Run) and although we always endeavor to keep our group drives within reasonable limits, we were all on CHP alert as we swept across Lucas Valley Road, then onto Nicasio Valley Road, through Nicasio. With no CHPs in sight, we buzzed past Nicasio Reservoir, made a left on Point Reyes Petaluma Road, and pulled everyone off the road into a large turnout for a great photo opportunity. Our route then took us through Point Reyes Station, south to Olema, then east on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Fortunately for me, for Veronica, and for The Beast, all three of us survived the bone-jarring ride across the section of Drake that has definitely seen better days. In fact, as some others of you with early 911's will corroborate, exiting The Beast at Two Bird Café to find both headlights still attached was truly cause for celebration! 

Once inside Two Bird Café, after jockeying and negotiating for position in the restroom line, our large group was split into two rooms. After we sat down, we were serenaded by live piano music in the bar area, which was a nice touch. Both the food and the setting were great. Breakfast was lifted by plentiful conversation and quite a bit of laughter; it was a pleasure to meet new people and chat with familiar faces as well. The only hiccup of the day was that one table of (thankfully) good-natured members somehow didn't get their food until after most of the rest of us had finished, most certainly because Two Bird was overwhelmed by such a large crowd. Fortunately, the folks at Two Bird made things right and, hopefully, all was well in the end.

To those of you (new and veteran members alike) who have not attended a Redwood Region Breakfast Run, please come out and experience it. We have a lot of great events in this Region, and the Breakfast Runs are no exception. These runs fill up fast, so please be sure to RSVP.

Special thanks go out to Bob Hall, Vern Rogers, David Bunch, and Don Magdanz for their work in arranging, organizing, supporting, and executing this great run!


Porsche Panorama Nicasio

Very cool Panorama of the group alongside Nicasio Reservoir, photo by Bob Schoenherr

Porsches in Novato

Porsches, drivers, and passengers gather at the event starting point in Novato, photo by Chris Harrell