Annual Member's Meeting, Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tom Short  by Tom Short, Redwood Region Member

The annual members' meeting started with a group of 22 cars and 39 members gathering on a Sunday morning in the parking lot outside of Chevy's in Novato, our staging area next to good coffee under a clearing sky. Dave Bunch was on hand with the Redwood swag wagon set up and ready for the members. 

President Vern kicked things off with a review of our current officers, gave a tip o' the hat to our previous ones, and then led a brief driver's meeting and route review. Forgoing a LeMans-style start, everyone seemed to be in a pretty laid-back mood as we strapped on our cars and got underway. The route included some of North Marin's best roads, including the Pacific Coast Highway and Coleman Valley Road, a narrow, windy goat-path of a road that snakes up from the coast and ends at our destination, just outside the the Union Hotel in Occidental. 

The traffic gods smiled on our tidy string of gumballs, leaving us with several great sections of road to ourselves. By the time we got to Occidental, it was nearly noon and everyone was ready to sample the Union Hotel's menu choices that included a nice selection of pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, and small plates. The ballroom we were in was from another era, with three-foot-high candelabras on the tables and old photos lining the wood paneled walls. Wine was poured, bloody marys were served, and the usual Redwood club conviviality was enjoyed by all. 

Then came the business part of the meeting - this was the annual members' meeting after all - and President Vern led us through the agenda, encouraging discussion and getting input from the group along the way. We talked about plans and events for next year, voting for our next round of officers, and thanked the folks who will be handing over the reins to someone else come the new year.

The meeting wrapped up, the group dispersed in twos and threes, friends chatting about the year that was. We headed back to our steering wheels and bolstered seats and fired the sixes that fire our imaginations one more time - this time to find our own way home.