Mike HintonBreakfast Run t o Point Reyes - Feb 26, 2011
 by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region Member
Photos by Chris Harrell

February 26 marked the date of the Redwood Region's first Breakfast Run of 2011.  As I'm sure many of you did, I watched the weather forecast carefully in the days
leading up to the run. As you may recall, the National Weather Service, incorrectly as it turned out (what a surprise!), forecasted snow for the area on Thursday and/or Friday preceding the event. Instead, we received a dose of very cold temperatures, which had everyone concerned about the potential for black ice in the shady sections of the back roads on our route. Undaunted, 20 cars and 32 individuals gathered at our usual jumping-off location in Novato. We all had plenty of time before the departure to kick tires, greet old acquaintances, and welcome new members who were attending their first-ever Redwood Region event.President Greg Maissen did his usual fine job of recruiting additional members to attend our upcoming autocross events, and everyone had ample opportunity to ogle the collection of cars on hand. The cars in attendance covered most of the Porsche sports car spectrum (no one dared to bring a Cayenne or Panamera), and our intrepid photographer, Ron Breeze, arrived with the top of his Boxster down! Good on you, Ron!

After a small delay due to the absence of route sheets, our caravan hit the road, with Vern Rogers bravely leading the pack. As we pulled out of the parking lot, we saw one of Novato's finest pull up next to Vern, and I said, "Uh-oh, here we go again. Where's Dave Bunch? They always follow him!" Fortunately, the officer decided not to join our group this time, so off we went. After we had cruised
carefully through the neighborhoods of Novato, we entered the "Porsche roads" on Novato Blvd. The recent rains had left the sky a brilliant blue, which contrasted nicely with the lush green winter vegetation.  As is typical for Marin and Sonoma County back roads, the pavement is not billiard-table smooth, and it's always challenging to dodge the larger craters. After following Novato Blvd. to Point Reyes-Petaluma Road, we made a quick detour to The Cheese Factory for a group photo opportunity (our original stop to view the cows was deemed to be too muddy for the low-slung cars in the group). After a short break, we
proceeded onto Hicks Valley Road and then Marshall-Petaluma Road. On this stretch, we encountered the first truly shady sections of the road, but discovered that although the surface was damp, the muchdreaded black ice had either not formed, or had melted prior to our arrival. After an entertaining, rollercoaster
ride, we arrived at the top of the ridge overlooking Tomales Bay. The view was spectacular, and the little group of cars I was with was led into Marshall by a daredevil cyclist who was touching 40 mph on those little skinny tires! And people think Porsche drivers are crazy!

Once we found a suitable gap in traffic, we proceeded south on Highway 1 and regrouped. The drive into Point Reyes Station was exhilarating, with smooth pavement, sweeping turns, and enough tight turns to keep your attention from wandering. After an all-too-short time, we pulled into town, and descended upon
the Station House Café. Our fleet of Porsches overwhelmed the back parking lot, and the overflow spilled out onto the back streets and the highway in front of the restaurant. The folks at the restaurant obviously knew we were coming, because they segregated us from the other paying customers, in the cozy back
room. While waiting for the food to arrive, the room was full of conversation and merriment. I did notice that it got fairly quiet once the food arrived, which is always a good sign. Those sitting at my table found the food to be excellent, and the staff did a great job of serving everyone in a timely fashion. Ultimately,
the group thinned out as folks headed home to enjoy the rest of the weekend. After a discussion about the logistics of this article, Brenda and I headed back home to St. Helena. On our way back on Point Reyes-Petaluma Road, we encountered two CHP officers who had pulled over some unfortunate soul. As
we eased on by at 55 mph, we got the evil eye from one of the officers. I guess it was the silly grin on my face that rubbed him the wrong way.

Overall, it was a fine run on a gorgeous day. If you have never attended a Redwood Region Breakfast Run before, I encourage you to come join us. I had never participated in any Redwood Region events prior to the Two Bird Breakfast Run last February, but now I'm hooked! So come on out. And remember, the PCA isn't just about the cars, it's about the people too! See you all out on the road! Click here for additional photos from this event.

Click here for additional photos from this event.

Porsches shine in the February sun
Porsches shine in the February sun
Photo stop at Cheese Factory
Photo Stop at the Cheese Factory
Mingling at the Station House Cafe
Mingling at the Station House Cafe

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