Photos, Food, and Fun:  Breakfast Run to Nourish in Mill Valley
  May 6, 2012 
by Ray Kaliski, Redwood Region Member

On the morning of Sunday, May 6, about 25 sparkling clean Porsches made quite a display with a completely-clear Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop at Cavallo Point (at Fort Baker) in Sausalito for a Club photo op and the start to our first real breakfast run of the year. We all got a chuckle from member Bob Pringle's plastic "souvenir" from the Ferrari that went into the drink off Seminary Drive a few days before. Comments like "Wow! A merger between Ferrari and Riva is not going well!" seemed endless.

  Golden Gate Bridge with PorschesA perfect Porsche morning in front of the Golden Gate Bridge (photo by Barbara McCrory

Once we were finished with the photos, we set off on a breathtaking short drive through the Marin Headlands, with clear views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific. Basically, we took the long way to Nourish at Harbor Point (owned by the Kaliski Family), where a festive buffet of made-to-order omelets, lox and bagels, sausage, bacon, homestyle potatoes, fresh orange juice, and fresh fruit salad awaited the hungry drivers and navigators.

After our major nosh, about half the cars took off through Mill Valley, up the 2AM Club road to Panoramic Hwy, and cruised to Stinson Beach. We were blessed with very few bikes to contend with and arrived intact as a group at Stinson, where most of us continued northward toward our final stop in Tomales. The roads were not jammed with "Sunday Drivers" (except for us, of course), so we had some real fun on that well-paved and curvaceous motorway.

We still had 10 cars (give or take) at Tomales, and a few of us backtracked to the Marshall Store for barbequed oysters and clam chowder. Maybe more "Breakfast Runs" are in order?

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