gordon reynolds

by Gordon Reynolds, Redwood Region Member


Those of us with Saturday morning obligations that prevent us from joining Redwood Region's various brunch fun runs and other events greatly appreciate the addition of runs on other times and days. First, a Sunday morning run, which I gather was well attended (I was away), then shortly thereafter, this delightful June 30th dinner run to Sonoma, capably led by our editor, Chris Harrell.

We owe a lot of thanks to the members who devote an immense amount of time planning, identifying routes, test driving them (OK, that's fun), and arranging for parking and good spots for us to chow down. For this event, kudos go to: Joe Burroughs, our agent in Sonoma who located the restaurant and arranged for reserved parking; Secretary Mike Hinton, who had the arduous duty of driving the area with Chris to lock in a route (OK, more fun); Event Director Don Magdanz, who handles the not insubstantial paperwork for this event and others to make sure we don't stub a toe on regs and permits, and last, but certainly not least, Chris' cheering section and navigator, wife Veronica, who accompanied him in identifying the potential route a couple weekends prior, arming him with info for the drive with Mike

 .dinne run
Redwood members fill the back roomat the Plaza Bistro in Sonoma
and enjoy a great dinner to top off a great afternoon.
(photo by Chriss Harrell)

Ah yes, about the run....Twenty-two cars and 40 people turned out for the mid-day start (3:30 p.m.) from Chevy's at Rowland Plaza in Novato. Weather was clear and warm, with everyone in good spirits: me in particular, as the afternoon start enabled me to fire up the "White Whale" and give it some exercise with the Club. Routine releases signed, route maps given to the drivers (I would rue later the fact that I only gave the map a cursory glance before we started), and we were off....

What the first stretch (across Route 37 and up Lakeville Hwy) lacked in driving challenges was made up for by the bucolic farm scenes and pastoral open space. To drive great Porsche roads, the first step is to get to them, right? After the ho-hum stretch and a rest stop at the Glen Ellen Village Market, we headed out for the raison d'etre of the day, a curly amalgam of wine country back roads to satisfy the most critical fun run aficionado. Only one little problem: I caught the red light at the Sonoma Highway signal, where a left turn is followed immediately by a right onto Trinity Road. Cars ahead had made the right, and I blithely continued along Sonoma Highway until a glance in the rear view revealed several Porsches, whose drivers had given more than a cursory glance at the map, turning right. A quick u-turn and a left got me back on the prescribed route, and what followed was the highlight of my day. Do you have any idea how much fun it can be to catch up to a group of cars on perfect Porsche roads? Heaven!

A delicious five-course dinner ($25 plus drinks) awaited us at Plaza Bistro in Sonoma, which capped a thoroughly enjoyable day with camaraderie, jokes, a few lies, and good conversation...not to mention good wine.

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