Redwood Region Winners Concours

Redwood Region winners at the Zone 7 Concours on September 25 at Ledson Winery
(photo by David Bunch


It was an uncharacteristically wet Sunday at Ledson Winery in Kenwood. However, despite the rainy morning weather, 22 judged entries (and about 35 Porsches in total) graced the grounds of Ledson on what turned out to be a nice day for Redwood Region's Annual Zone 7 Concours.

Redwood Region winners included: Jerry Connors (1st in C-3 class), Margot Makey (1st in UR-4), Bob Schoenherr (1st in S-3), Jamie DeRutter (3rd in S-3), Greg Maissen (2nd in WS-6), David Rossiter (1st in WS-3), Mike Burns (2nd in WS-3), and John Jackson (3rd in WS-3).

Thanks to Redwood Region Concours Director James Heisey, as well as judges, timers, and all of the other volunteers who helped organize the event. 

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