This picture is a Porsche finishing the enduro.  Each lap is recorded and the total time is handed to the driver at the timers station

Station 5 had a lot of drivers observing each others techniques with the two closed angled gates

While a timing slip reveals how you really did

The presidents of SVR and RR chase each other for best times


Craig SteeleAutocross #9
"6th Annual Emmett Wilder Enduro Autocross"
October 3, 2015

Article and photos by Craig "Iceman" Steele,
Redwood VIce-President


As summer yields to fall and our autocross season winds to October. We all look forward to the enduro event. All year we have been doing out ½ miles courses in 35 to 45 seconds. The enduro is a change to do three laps around the course in 115-125 seconds. The weather was excellent as we spent the morning doing our single laps to prepare for two runs at winning the Emmett Wilder trophy for best male and female driver's time. It was a close battle for top times. Pictured below are the winners: Grady Carter  (center left) and Anita Benzing (center right) with their trophies, second place honors go to Trevor Ridgley and Tracy Strom  holding their AX tee-shirts.

The morning starts with half the drivers readying their vehicles to autocross while the rest report to their course worker stations. There is a driver meeting. Grady Carter, our Redwood Region AX chair goes over all the rules and procedures to do an enduro safely.

        Our starter waves on the next Porsche to maneuver the autocross course.

Once in a while you witness some great recoveries or missteps. Vern Roger's 2007 Cayman was entering the Station #3 'S' lane with too much speed. He did a double  'S' fishtail without hitting a cone.  Good job, Vern said later it was blast to recovering from that incident. Here's the photos showing you how he did it.

2007 Porsche Cayman

2007 Porsche Cayman

2007 Porsche Cayman