2013 Redwood Region Holiday Party

by Mike Hinton, Redwood Region Vice President, photos by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Secretary
On Saturday, December 7th, 78 members and guests of the Redwood Region gathered for our annual Holiday Party. The event was held at The Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance, not far from the town square in Sonoma. Unlike last year, the weather was dry, but the temperature was frigid to say the least. An enterprising entrepreneur could have made a killing providing heated shuttle service from the banquet room to the back parking lot!

  The event kicked off with a social hour which allowed all the guests to mingle, and also to peruse the silent auction lots provided by CASA - our designated charity. I saw several lots that interested me, but I decided to employ my "eBay strategy" and wait until the final minute to place my bids.Unlike eBay, there would be no "robo-bidders" which improves your chances of winning the auction

All too soon everyone moved into the banquet room to start dinner. The social hour seemed to pass very quickly, and it was nearly impossible to chat with everyone. Dinner was served in an efficient manner (trying to serve nearly 80 guests at the same time is a tough feat), and I found the food to be very satisfying. During the dinner, our very dapper President, Vern Rogers, thanked all the volunteers for their efforts in decorating the room (which looked very festive!), as well as all the members who contributed to the many successful events of 2013. The representative from CASA, Millie Gilson, also expressed their appreciation for our support. Our Secretary, Craig Steele, announced the results of the 2013 election. None of the current officers were able to defect...

  As dinner was concluding, the "last call" announcement was made for silent auction bids. Executing my strategy perfectly, I was able to put in the winning bid on two different lots of wine, which also came with plush Teddy bears. I'm sure my dog Leo will enjoy playing with them. At the close of the auction, we were pleased to hear that the auction raised nearly $2,000 for CASA, this in addition to the $4,000 donation made by the Redwood Region for 2013. Thank you to everyone for supporting such a worthwhile cause!

After dessert was served it was time to work off the big dinner with some dancing! Once again we had the good fortune to have Todd Morgan and the Emblems provide the music. Todd and his group performed a great set and the dance floor was filled within moments. Those who weren't dancing took the opportunity to continue to socialize with friends old and new.  A fun time was had by all! If you were unable to attend, I'd encourage you to block out Saturday, December 6, 2014, the date for next year's Holiday Party...hope to see you there!

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