Maple Creek

Maple Creek

photos courtesy of Paige Gaines

Pool Party

photo courtesy of Dave Bunch

 Kurt's Korner:  Maple Creek Winery Tour and Annual Pool Party
kurt fischer headshotby Kurt Fischer, Redwood Region Past President

Maple Creek Winery Tour
 A beautiful Saturday morning in the best time of the year in Northern California; September and 50 crazy Redwood Region members ready to tackle the back roads of Sonoma County on our way to Maple Creek Winery.
  Leaving our standard meeting place; Kaffe Mocha... heading  west and then north past numerous wineries until we reach the Mac Murray Winery on Westside road and coming to a complete halt...seems this is Taste of Sonoma weekend and Mac Murray is parking cars in their field and as it turns out...2500 people were there!  It took us about 15 minutes to inch past the entrance, and we were set free on the rest of our journey with little or no traffic.

Our Past President, Vern Rogers, who missed our departure from Kaffe Mocha suddenly appears in front of me on West Dry Creek.  Seems he was sent our route via smartphone and took a guess where we might be...ah the wonders of new technology!  Vern falls into line behind me and off we go!
  A brief stop in Cloverdale for a bio break and off westward on California Highway 128 for our 18 mile drive to Maple Creek.  128 is one of our most scenic Northern California drives and especially for Porsches!  Along the way we see a new Carrera Cab with his engine cover up and waving to us as we pass...he was not in our group, and it turns out that he had a broken radiator hose!  Note to all wasserpumper drivers...carry a spare radiator hose! 
  Up the newly paved road to the tasting room and there smiling and cooking our chicken breasts are Paige and Eileen Gaines, our volunteer BBQer's!  We park on the side of the road and bring our dishes to the table outside the tasting room..ready for lunch!  Inside the tasting room, Houston, our Maple Creek guy is pouring and talking up the Maple Creek wines... with 50 people in the cool tasting room!  Bruce and Cheryl Lawton (from Pech Merle Winery) jump behind the bar helping out Houston.  Nothing like 50 Redwine Region members clamoring for tastes!
  The food...damn..we have good cooks in the Region...we fill our plates and sit outside under a huge oak tree and talk about the route, the weather and various other lies and gossip...this group is not short of words!
  Many thanks to Maple Creek for their wonderful setting, superb wines and general hospitality for our 3rd visit to their mountain side winery retreat! We will be back!

Annual Pool Party 2015
What a weekend...Saturday; Tour to Maple Creek and now, Sunday at the Bergman's for our 6th and last time basking the warmth of the stunning Bergman Estate and their salt water pool!
  I arrive along with Vern Rogers, Craig Steele and President Mike Hinton at 10:30 AM to help with the setup of tables and chairs brought by our caterer, Randy Apel.  We move lawn furniture back... and set up tables for six with checkered flag table coverings... how apropos!
  Randy's standard fare...tri tip, chicken breasts, Caesar salad, pasta with pesto and of course the cookies await our members that will arrive at 12:00 noon.  We park the Porsches on John's driveway that can hold up to 60 cars, today only 15 cars, an easy fit.

The members arrive; bottles of wine and coolers with beer in's going to be a hot day....90 plus F.  Shorts and bathing suits, towels and sunscreen are present and accounted for!  We are ready for a day of fun in the sun!
  Just after 1:00 PM, the dinner bell rings and into the poolside cabana where food is set up, troop the members. Randy is waiting...knife in hand to slice the tri tip and kibitz with everyone...he does have a great personality.
  Tables are filled up  with hungry people and of course the banter at the tables covers everything under the HOT sun:)  Randy has enough food for all... and with seconds!  This crowd eats and eats!
  After lunch...the bathers are into the warm 80 plus degree salt water pool.  Remember in the old swimming after eating...for at least 2 hours...that's ancient history!  John's water toys are present and the fun begins!
  At the end of the day as the landscaping around the pool offers shade, about 10 of us sit at the picnic tables and talk of all the fun time the Redwood Region has had John and Wynne's home...sadly this was our final time at the Bergman Estate as they have sold this wonderful home and are moving in October...the last hurrah has happened! 
  Many thanks to John and Wynne Bergman for their gracious offering of this delightful home. .  We will miss this place and wish the Bergman's the best in their new home!  For all of you that missed this have missed a Redwood Region legend!

 Got questions?  Please let me know... I am Kurt Fischer