Working Werks 2015

by Chip Witt, Redwood Secretary

The Porsche Club of America held its second annual Werks Reunion at the Rancho Canada Golf Club in Carmel, California on Friday, August 14, 2015. For what is surely a mere glimmer of the Rennsport Reunion event to come later in September, attendees of Werks were treated to a an amazing display of more than 500 Porsches, special vehicle presentations and celebrity guests.

  I opted to get up very early Friday and drive down to the event site. Even though it was early, I saw several others on their way along my travels, including the VW bus with Porsche markings that was eventually prominently displayed in the concours area. Arriving around 05:30, I was among the first cars in line to park on the corral. This allowed me to get oriented prior to the start of my volunteer shift where I helped direct traffic beginning at 07:00. I met several of my fellow Porsche owners as we stood around chatting next to our cars, all of us noting immediately how much time and effort had gone into preparations for this year's event and the many improvements over the inaugural event last year. In fact, I heard it said that many responsible for aspects of the setup had remained all night to insure everything was ready for the big day. This dedication showed in the smoothness of the event throughout.

  I really enjoy volunteering to direct parking traffic for one very selfish reason: I get opportunity to preview all of the concours and corral participants as they arrive. This sometimes comes with a unique treat, like this year having the opportunity to enjoy a quick, casual conversation with racing legend Bobby Rahal as he drove in to the event (in a BMW, which I decided not to hold against him), who was attending the event as part of a vendor presentation.

  Once I was done with my volunteer shift, I was able to walk around and take pictures of some of the amazing cars as I met some of their equally amazing owners. In weighing Werks Reunion against all of the other many events that take place during the world-famous "Monterey Car Week", I can't help but smile realizing that it's the camaraderie of Porsche owners and their, enthusiasm...with which they answer questions and share their experiences with anyone and everyone they meet that makes it among the most unique and thoroughly enjoyable events of the week.

  If you've yet to participate in one of the first two Werks Reunion events, I strongly encourage you to add it to your calendar for next year. It is sure to be one of the highlights of "Monterey Car Week" for many years to come. When you do come out, be sure to say, "Hey", as you drive by me at the gate.


For photos of the event click here