Porsche 991
991S Cabriolet awaitsPorsche roads ahead!
Porsche roads ahead!
Porsche Treffen
Bob and Nancy pose in front of a dream background. Cross Porsche Treffen off the bucket list.
 Bob and Nancy's 991 Adventure

    Story and photos by Redwood Region members Bob Sherwood and Nancy Abruzzini

Cross #1 off the bucket list: Autobahn at HIGH SPEED! On May 1, we participated in Fast Lane Travel's 100th Porsche Treffen. Owners Peter Sontag and Thomas Hoferlin have been doing this for 37 years, and the experience was orchestrated as if done by Porsche engineers.

Our choice of any Porsche model (except Turbo or GT2/3) was a 991 Cabriolet. A month or so before the trip, Peter informed us the Cabriolet was not yet available. So rather than a 997 Cabriolet, we said a 991 Coupe would have to do. However, when signing the car documents I noticed it said Cabriolet and I asked if it was a 997. Due to Peter's relationship with Porsche, he was able to secure for us the 991 Cabriolet with all of 62 kilometers on the odometer.

After breakfast the next day, out on the parking area sits our metallic gray 991 Cabriolet with 20" wheels, sport exhaust, PDK and the icing on the cake...a Carrera S! After a briefing on the interior controls, we push a button and the top unlatches itself and disappears into the rear deck area. Push another button and a windscreen raises behind the seats. From then on, the top was only up when parked at night.

Turn the key and the 3.8 motor comes to life with the sound of the sport exhaust, and nirvana has begun. I never thought I would have a Porsche with an automatic transmission, but the 991 PDK is awesome. I drove in automatic for a while and then switched to manual mode with thumb and forefinger on either side of the wheel shifting, and it was split second shifts through the gears thereafter. Switch the sport exhaust from 'tame' to sport and the exhaust tone will compete with any V-8 or V-10, especially in tunnels and on narrow streets.

On the unlimited speed zone, we got separated from our group by a slower car passing a truck and once it moved over...OPEN ROAD! Downshift to 4th, pedal down, up to 5th, up to 6th at 263 km/h, (approximately 164 mph), caught the group and Nancy's hair didn't even get messed! I discovered at subsequent high speed bursts that the first sport setting for the suspension felt more stable and the steering wheel more precise.

On day two, cruising at over 100 mph, we hit a heavy rainstorm for about 20 minutes. We had the top down and no one slowed so we could put the top up, but we didn't even get wet. After some reluctance on Nancy's part (I think she just didn't want to erase the constant smile from my face), I told her, "You have to drive this incredible car"!  Eventually she consented, drove as fast as 135 mph, and even succumbed to the magic of the manual shift mode. Her only disappointment was that the opportunity wasn't there to go faster! 

On a long winding downhill road, the sport plus suspension mode came into play and the road to steering wheel feedback was incredible. The scenery was reminiscent of the "Sound of Music", although we enjoyed the symphony of the 3.8 sport exhaust soundtrack instead.

All in all, the Treffen exceeded our expectations and we would recommend it be added to anyone's bucket list. The 991: There aren't enough words to describe this car...!