Oktoberfest in Vacaville - September 24, 2011

Kurt Fischer
  by Kurt Fischer, Redwood Region Past President


First of all...why is Oktoberfest held in September? The answer goes back to 1810, during the dark days of beer drinking before refrigeration.

In those days in Germany, beer would never be brewed in the summer months. The batches would never turn out good. The last batches were usually made in March. These last batches would have higher alcohol content to take advantage of alcohol as a preservative.

Traditionally, there would be a big fest starting on the last Saturday in September until the first Sunday in October. The purpose was to drink up the old stocks of beer to make room for the new brew that would be made after harvest. The tradition goes back to the 15th and 16th Centuries.

The first official Oktoberfest was held in 1810. Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria threw a big party to celebrate his wedding to Princess Therese on October 12, 1810. The party was open to all. Everyone liked it so much they kept having the party every year.

On September 24, 32 happy Redwood Region members began our tour in Santa Rosa on a perfect weather day, with temps slated in be in the 80's, for a brisk 78-mile run on the back roads of Sonoma County to Vacaville. Thanks to Caltrans for paving Highway 128 with fresh new blacktop, where the grip was nice and sticky and with minimal traffic. Can we say outstanding Porsche roads? After a quick pit stop at Moskovitz's Corner to pick up several members, we continued on to Vacaville.

As you may know, this was Redwood Region's second Tour to Vacaville, where members Holger and Martina Seibert own the Pure Grain Bakery and are the founders of the Oktoberfest in the great old town area. For the celebration, they cook outstanding German delicacies such as currywurst, brats and sauerkraut. All of these combined with Spaten beer and the lively German music make for an exceptional Oktoberfest experience. Many thanks to Holger for the special Porsche parking right next the Plaza, the wonderful pretzels, and all the other fine German pastries available at the Pure Grain Bakery!

 This event was a lot of fun and we are planning to do it again in 2012.

Auf Wiedersehen until next year and Ein Prosit!