Andy's 914 6
Almost-matching red bead blaster, 914/4 and 6 cylinder waiting for its chassis
Andy's 914 and Andy's 914

Bill Newton 

by Bill Newton, Redwood Region Member,
   photos by Andy Brian

No, it's not a typographical error. Andy Brian owns two beautiful and interesting 914s. Evidently he thought that one 914, the red car featured in the June, 2004 Excellence magazine, was not enough because he proceeded next to build a 914/6 virtually from the ground up.

Andy and his wife Susan live in Santa Rosa and have two sons. Andy works in medical sales and Susan is a public school teacher. Andy's skill and ability to work on cars did not come casually. In high school he was in advanced auto shop. While in college, he also worked at a company that restored warbirds where he learned a lot about metal and restoration. Working on cars further perfected his skills. The 914/6  is his fourth car.  First was his high school Karmann Ghia, then  a 912E, and third the red 914. As Andy tells it, "I've done all the work in my home garage. Most of the tools I have in the garage used for fabrication are pretty common. Jig saw, welder, grinder, vise and  hammers. One unusual tool I used was my kids' sand box. To shape metal some fabricators use bags of sand to hammer out the metal. I took it down a notch in the backyard."

The Red Car

Andy bought his 1975 in March of 1990 in Southern California.  It was a completely stock 2.0, originally green,  and was going to be his daily driver.  Andy drove it for a short time then took it off the road for a complete rebuild. Many hours were invested in this car and Andy still autocrosses it from time to time. Power source is a  modified 4 cylinder, 2270 cc motor with a mild cam, ported heads, increased compression ratio, and a larger (Volvo) throttle body. Suspension upgrades completed Andy's work on the red car. This car weighs 2100 lbs. and has an estimated 118 hp.

The Silver Car

This car started life as a 1972 1.7 that Andy paid $300 for in Santa Rosa. Then he acquired a wrecked original 914/6 with a running, carburated 3.0. Andy had just finished a second season of autocrossing in the red 1975 and this new 6 cylinder car offered to take his driving experience to the next level. Andy carefully selected the suspension components so the car would work well on a big track as well as when autocrossing, He used Elephant poly-bronze bushings, Tangerine Racing raised spindles and cage, and other chassis stiffening components of his own design. Other creative features include an RX-7 oil cooler with a shroud he built to vent up through the hood. This car weighs in at 2050 lbs. and produces approximately 228 hp.

Andy literally knows every inch of the 914, so Club members with questions might want to come out to an autocross and talk to him. His is a great example of high quality do-it-yourself work. And, those of us attending the March 22nd autocross also were treated to Andy's ooga horn performance with his silver car.

Andy's 914 6
Andy can be justly proud of this 914

Andy's 914 6
Andy's recently completed 914/6

Andy's 914 6

A quality "rebuild" starts here

Olive drab interior looks nice

Andy's 914 6
This is where it all comes together