Rosa and Essy 

Personal Porsche:  Essy Fariab and his 944
by Bill Newton, Redwood Region Member, photos by Essy Fariab

Essy Fariab recently made an interesting decision regarding his selection of autocross cars: he retired his 911 and acquired a 944. Essy tells the story this way, "It all started in July 2012 when my yellow 1973 911 turned 40 years old. For more than two decades this was the car I mainly used for racing and autocrossing, and occasionally street/club tour events. I decided to retire her and removed the rollbar and restored the interior back to stock condition."

"I was searching for a more affordable prepared race car that I could push hard on the track and in autocross events and not be too worried about breaking or crashing a vintage 911." At the a Parts Heaven swap meet in 2012 he bought a 1985 Porsche 944mostly prepared for racing.

Essy has been a PCA member for over 27 years, so he is no stranger to Porsches. Previously he also owned a 944 Turbo and a 914. In addition, Essy and his wife, Rosa, own and operate a repair shop in San Francisco, Euro-Japan Auto Works. This well-regarded shop has been theirs' since 1985.

Essy's 944 has extensive suspension modifications: full race suspension, modified brakes, externally adjustable shocks, and a limited slip differential. The engine is mainly stock but has a cam sprocket adjuster to advance the cam timing, sport exhaust header and larger pipes, a sport tuned ECU, and K&N air filter. The 944 produces perhaps as much as 155 hp ( stock was 143) with a car weight of 2700 pounds.

In 2013 Essy placed in the top ten in 7 out of 8 Redwood Region autocrosses, including TTOD among all Porsches in March. Quite a nice "return" for a 28 year old vehicle. Since these cars do not produce gobs of horsepower, one might conclude that Essy is an accomplished driver and his car handles superbly!

As we know, it's the people and the cars in our Club. Essy confirms this, "I've always enjoyed motorsport activities from childhood, but what I truly enjoy and cherish are the PEOPLE I meet and continue a friendship with, including our wonderful PCA members and  those in other car clubs."

Essy and his Yellow 1973 911 

The New/Old Essy Racing Machine