Black 928
photo by Victor Galvez

Member Profile:  James Heisey and his 928s

by Bill Newton, Redwood Region Member

James Heisey is a self-employed attorney in Santa Rosa with a general civil practice (no criminal, tax, and divorces). He has served as Redwood's Vice President, President, and also Concours Chairman running our Zone 7 event at Ledson Winery for the past 14 years. Redwood Region autocrossers will be familiar with the sight of his two 928s wearing number 13.

His first 928, acquired 20 years ago, is an '82 Platinum Metallic. It was equipped with the "Competition Package" which included everything from the European S except for the slightly larger 4.7 liter engine (vs. 4.5 liter); it has forged Fuchs wheels, S brakes,  and sport suspension. James has made several modifications to his first 928 including a custom "cat back" exhaust system, and updated S4 suspension and brakes. He reports that, at the moment, the car is patiently awaiting installation of improved exhaust headers and a limited slip differential, which is sitting on the shelf.

About 2 years ago James was looking for a replacement pickup truck when he realized that he didn't want another truck - - he wanted another 928. As luck would have it, he found a black '89 S4 5-speed in Santa Rosa. As James relates, "My new (to me) '89 S4 had only been driven about 2,000 miles in the 5 years before I bought it, but it needed work and had a few glaring flaws. Fortunately, the flaws were mainly cosmetic."

Since then the Black car has received a set of improved headlights, a RMB (rear muffler bypass), a higher pressure brake bias valve, adjustable heim jointed rear swaybar drop links, a set of 18" Panamera S wheels, and most recently, a set of four new Bilstein shocks. 

James is rightfully proud of his two 928s. He tells about his experience this way: "with the exception of alignments and body work, I've done all of my cars' maintenance myself. Can't wait for the first autocross of the new season. If you haven't tried autocrossing, come on out and give it a try. It's fun and an excellent way to find out what your car (and you) can do in a safe, controlled environment."

James Heisey
photo by John Jackson

Platinum 928
photo by Ron Leppke, deceased