Porsche 996Red

My own Legend of the Autobahn
 Personal Porsches:  Craig Steele's 996

Story and Photos by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Secretary

Our Legend from Autobahn (Dismantlers)

In mid-2009 my son Sean Steele sent an e-mail: "Hey Dad does your friend Rhoann still want a Porsche?"  When I opened the picture file there was a cute '99 Porsche 911 Cabriolet (996), Guards Red with tan interior. Sean owns and operates Autobahn Dismantlers of El Cajon, specializing in used BMW and Porsche auto parts.

Just for fun I forwarded the Porsche picture to my wife, Sandy. She came into my office minutes later and said: "Let's buy that Porsche!"  In an instant we shifted our universe and became Porsche owners.       I called my son and asked how much do you want for the car? He said: "For you Dad, $21,000 with my personal parental warranty." The car had a cracked head causing a leak into the coolant system. Sean had one of his Porsche master mechanic clients re-built the entire engine back to factory specifications. The car was in mint condition, save the engine, spending her time touring Southern California and it was always parked in the garage at night. She had 47,000 miles and came with a hardtop to make her a coupe during the rainy season.   

The car was ready to drive to it's new home on December 13, 2009.  I flew down to San Diego and drove the Porsche 600 miles back to Santa Rosa. I had only driven two Porsches in my life! Both were test drives of less than 20 minutes each. So I started out cautiously as I drove North. When I got past Los Angeles I started to see what this hot red machine could do. Highway 5 proved to be a great learning experience. I started doing exits and merges so I could feel the braking and acceleration. WOW! It was the most exciting drive to Santa Rosa I had ever taken.

Sandy and I joined PCA - Redwood Region in January 2010 and attended most of the club activities offered. I started participating in autocrosses to improve my driving skills. To date I have driven 12,000 Porsche miles and every mile has a story full of fun, friendship and freedom. My wife and I love this hot red car and what it adds to our lives.  We love the breakfast runs, the overnight events and the annual holiday party. It does redefine the journey and our enjoyment of "Porsche family."

It is our legend from the Autobahn of El Cajon. 

Porsche 996 Red

Porsche 996 Red
Two Wheels Off at Turn 2 Laguna Seca