Sean's 2011 BMW M Series Turbo Diesel
Personal Porsche:  Why I Sold My 911 Cabriolet for a Cayman S

  Craig Steele
Story and Photos by Craig Steele, Redwood Region Secretary

I am fairly new to Porsche sport cars having purchased my first in December 2009 -- a "Guards Red" 1999 Carrera Cabriolet. My wife and I drove that car to countless Redwood Region events during the last four years. In 2010, my son Sean, sold his 1996 Porsche 993 and purchased a 2006 Cayman S. Every time I would visit him in La Meza I would admire the Cayman parked in his garage. He is in the BMW-Porsche used parts business. He purchased the Cayman from an auto auction yard. Sean is a master at restoring BMWs and Porsches back to factory specifications and condition.
I was pretty sure I would be driving my 911 Carrera Cab for the rest of my Porsche life. Then my son realized a lifetime dream and found a used 2011 BMW M series turbo diesel.

He then announced that he was selling the Cayman to make room for his new BMW. I told my wife that I wanted to buy Sean's Cayman, she said okay even though she really loves our 911. So I called Sean and asked what he wanted for the Cayman and quoted the Excellence Porsche Buyer's Guide resale price range of $26K to $34K. He said because the Cayman has a salvage title, I can have it for what I paid for the 911 Carrera in 2009. I said deal! Later, he called and said the DMV allows family member title transfers exempt from both sales tax and smog test. Did I mention the parental guarantee my son provides in each auto transaction with his mom, dad and sister too. 

I had to sell my 911 to buy the Cayman. Sean is a professional Craig's List seller and coached me through the process. I provided most of the copy and all the photos. He in turn booked the ad, qualified the buyers, etc. I had two full price offers in three days. I talked to both buyers and decided to sell the 911 to a lady from Santa Cruz. Money changed hands as did the pink slip, a bill of sale and smog certificate;she then drove the car home. On her way home her newly acquired 911 had a water pump failure. I paid for the replacement part to insure buyer satisfaction.

Next up was paying my son, going to San Diego to get the Cayman, and driving it back to Santa Rosa. On May 5th I headed north via the 405, US101 and the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). I had some business in San Luis Obispo for two days, then continued north on PCH to Santa Cruz, over to San Jose, then finishing up at our Santa Rosa home.  

The Cayman is a lot lower than the 911 and the ride is more sporty compared to the Carrera's more touring feel. I am discovering the advantages of mid-engine performance every time I'm behind the wheel. I am taking the Cayman to Porsche Parade 2014 and entering the autocross. I will be going to the Zone 7 autocross in Stockton to learn more about the Cayman's handling before the Monterey event. I took Sandy on a mini road trip and she has blessed the purchase. I have nicked named the car "Gator" and am looking forward to many fun years of driving this spirited Porsche sports car. As a PCA member, I was able to join the Cayman Register and get lots of good information from other Cayman owners on all things relating to 987's.

The Cayman Direct from the Auction Yard

Restored to Factory Specifications and Condition 

My 1999 911 Cabriolet

My "New" Cayman S After a Bath