Update: Event Registration on MSR


Three years ago Redwood Region started using MotorsportReg.com for event sign ups and collecting associated payments.  We have found it a very convenient and effective platform for planning purposes as well as greatly simplifying payment collections. Our use of the application has continued to grow, as has our practice of using it. The Region is now requiring online payment when registering for almost all events; the only exceptions are the Redwood Autocrosses. MotorsportReg.com (MSR) has also made some changes. The most noticeable to our membership is that they are no longer accepting electronic checks (e-checks) and payment options are limited to Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards. For those of you who prefer not to pay online, you may mail a check to the Region Treasurer such that it arrives before the registration closing date.



Jerry Gladstone

Redwood Region Treasurer & MSR Administrator

Using MotorsportReg.com for Redwood Region Events

 Redwood Region uses MotorsportReg.com (MSR) to collect both RSVP's and payments for selected events.

Why use this online service? It provides a convenient, accurate, and secure method for organizing and collecting payments for motorsports events; everything from social events to competitive autocrosses, and everything in between. MSR is used by many other PCA Regions (that's how we learned about it), many other sports car clubs, and even the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) for all of their events. 

Using MSR is easy: you just fill in a few blanks with simple information and click "radio" buttons to indicate choices. But first you must register to create your account. This too is simple and also free. For those of you who are uncomfortable with computers, a quick guide to the registration procedure is below (apologies to those comfortable with computers for these simple instructions): 

How To Create a MotorsportReg.com Account

  • Open the MSR website by clicking on www.motorsportreg.com
  • On the right hand side of the page, click "create an account now"
  • Enter your name, email address and zip code as instructed; click "continue"
  • Enter your contact information, emergency contact information, a sign in name you choose, and a password for the account; click "continue"
  • Enter any experience you may choose to note (this is optional); click "create account"
  • You are done. Remember to write down your sign in name and password.

Once registered and signed in, you may look for events on the master calendar. Using the sort choices you can limit the master calendar display by types of events, host, or distance from your home. Once you find the event you are interested in, just click "register". This will take you to the sign up page, which will have instructions for that event.  

Redwood Region has used MSR for many events. . It has proven to be quite useful and its self-documenting features are a great aid to event organizers. Try it...you will like it!

updated 8/10/2015