Bob Schoenherr  Tech Tips February 2012

  by Bob Schoenherr, Membership Director

According to Wikipedia, "A forum is basically a 24 hour meeting place. Members can post messages any time of the day or night, and other members can read what they say and reply 24 hours a day." Using a forum does not cost you anything but time.

What is forum posting exactly? Forum posting is a good way to get involved in a community that is full of lively and informative chats or debates. For many years now, forums (formerly known as  BBS) have been on high-traffic websites. They are similar to social bookmarking and networking sites. Forums allow people to discuss problems that they are facing and reach satisfactory solutions to those problems. People use forums to obtain and share information on car topics such as engine building, parts and services, and recommended track setups, among others.

Getting started with forums:

1. Find car forums in which you would be interested. Here is a list of Porsche car forums I use.

PCA National Tech Forum (requires login) 

PCA Boxster Registry

Poschefile List of UK forums§ion=Forums

986 Forum (Boxster)

914 World (one of the busiest forums for Porsche 914 parts)

SCCA (Sportscar Club of America)

914 Club

Pelican Parts (Good DIY, helpful with complete parts lists)

6 speed online forums Latest on newer Porsches


912 Registry

2. You can register or just be a "gawker". Gawkers can read others posts, but cannot post comments or ask questions. You will want to register for the forum if you want to ask questions or add to the information that the forum is promoting.

3. When you register for a forum, you are creating a place for your information to be stored. Most forums are free, so after giving your information to join then you will want to personalize your user profile and share pictures and stories of your car.

4. Next, select options for viewers and mail delivery. These options alert you when someone has posted information back to you or when someone responds to someone else's posting. For example, I am always looking for Porsche 914 parts. I subscribe to WTB and for sale items in the 914 forums. This may give me too many postings to go through, so I filter the information by region, not wanting to deal with shipping and remote payments.

5. When posting, be to the point and post a picture or video to help ask or demonstrate your problem or answer. This is really important when trying to buy or sell something. When creating a thread, you should always give the make, year, and model of the car you are discussing to ensure the thread you create is easy to search and to follow.

6. It is up to you to post, follow, or just observe the forums you join.

The key is to have fun and learn which forums are right for you. Ask yourself if you want information on performance tips, suggested drives, cool events, or DIY projects. All of these can be found in one or more of the forums I've listed above.