greg maissen headshot 2011by Greg Maissen, Past President, Redwood Region and Hi Tec Employee

On a unseasonably warm and sunny winter day, 40 plus PCA members along with a dozen or so soon to be PCA members came out for a tech session at Hi Tec Automotive.

The morning started off with plenty of good food and coffee to help jump start navigating ones way through all the rare and unique Porsches on hand ranging from vintage 356s to new Redwood Region member Craig Todd's race prepped 997.2 GT3. RR member Mike Beavers was scheduled to bring his new 991 GT3 to the tech session, but Porsche instructed him not to drive his car as it seems that a handful of 991 GT3s have caught on fire and as of now Porsche is not conclusive as to the cause.

After admiring all of the hardware parked around the building, everyone gathered inside the shop where Deven Wailes introduced himself and the Hi Tec crew. Deven then proceeded to give a tutorial on an incredible 1959 356 Polopolous Porsche that was on loan from one of our customers. The "Polo" Porsches are primarily known as the engine that started life as a 6 cylinder 911 with 2 cylinders removed making it into a 4 cylinder; commonly known as a "Polo 4". It weighs 100 pounds less than the six, has twice the power of the original four and is very reliable. This particular Polo also had a 911 drive train and suspension which required the rear fenders to be widened to accommodate the track of the car. This car drives and handles unlike any 356. I was fortunate enough to be able to drive this special car. At first shifting a 901 5-speed transmission in a 356 seems alien, but with the way the engine revs it all fits together. The suspension completely transforms the car, which of course is most appreciated in the turns. This is a very sophisticated hot rod with a very sophisticated price tag.

A 2010 Boxster Spyder was next put on the lift to demonstrate what is involved in a thorough mechanical inspection. This particular Spyder just had the exhaust replaced with a titanium Remus sport exhaust system. Many members were impressed with the sound it produced; it reminded them of finely tuned race car.

Next up, Deven had a 996 manual transmission on the stand and demonstrated that indeed you can rebuild them rather than having to spend twice as much to outright replace one, as is recommended by Porsche. A sigh of relief could be heard from the crowd.

We then went next door to our expanded location known as Hi Tec 2 to see Tom Edwards' beautiful black '67 911S; Tom's car was put on the lift for a inspection. Dana Wailes then instructed the group on many technical matters one of which was the over dramatized IMS failure ( Intermediate Shaft Bearing). For many in the group it was reassuring to properly understand how a failure can occur and what measures can be taken before and after an incident.

As things began to wind down the consensus was that everyone had a great time with lots of information, cars and food shared. A special thank you to Holger Seibert for bringing authentic German pretzles from Pure Grain Bakery


Hi Tec Tech Session 2014
Video by Bob Schoenherr 

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